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babyike2011 11-20-2012 08:34 AM

Med & Large covers: prorap,MEAF, fleece
We are in serious need of newborn diapers!!! We can't use aplix anymore since my little stripper rips em' off:) Sorry for the bad pics, they were taken with a cell phone. Please PM as I don't check here. I listed some prices but I would love to trade for some newbie diapers!!! We are smoke free/animal friendly. All washed in Biokleen and hung to dry. Shipping to US only for now

Medium? Prorap cover with a puppy fleece outer. Aplix sticky and elastic stretchy. $5ppd

Medium ME Riki wrap EUC-inner a little yellow $5ppd
2 M Proraps-the middle one is like new, the other is a little older. $5ppd/$4ppd

medium fleece side snap cover. Little wonky imo, but it works. $4ppd

medium single layer soakers. waist and legs are not finished, we just rolled them over. no stains $6ppd for both

large proraps in EEUC $6ppd each

Large MEAF jungle print. Bought new buy me a few months ago and only used a few times. $10ppd

XL ish single layer upcycled fleece soaker. Made for me but it will never fit. Cream color and never used. $4ppd

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