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proudsahmof4 11-20-2012 07:51 PM

Medium BG AIOs converted to pockets; BGOS 4.0 for sale.
I have a large batch of medium bumGenius all-in-ones for sale. However, these are really a shadow of their former selves as most have been snap-converted, and all have had the insert detached so that they are now really a pocket (I did this to use my hemp inserts instead of the microfiber). I have the original microfiber inserts and they are included with the diapers. In addition, I thought it would be fun to dye a few of these (I get bored easily) and have some fun new colors, but apparently PUL does not take dye.:blush: Or at least well enough to do much more than make them look dingy. :( So, a handful of them are no longer their "true" BG color, but still a semblance. The two green ones are most noticeably different - the suedecloth is green. Despite all these caveats, the diapers are fully functioning - the PUL, snaps/aplix, and elastic are good. I'm only selling because DD is in size large now. Asking $6 ppd for the dyed ones and $7 ppd for the others in hopes of moving quickly, with priority to those buying in lots.

2 left rows are dyed, 2 right rows are not. I cannot get this pic to rotate, grrr. Sorry!

An extra moonbeam (undyed) that did not make it in the first pic...

One-size 4.0 bumGenius pockets. Same story as above with the dye and snap conversion. One-size microfiber insert included. $8 ppd each for the dyed; $9 ppd for others.

Right column dyed, top 2 of left column dyed, bottom 3 of left column undyed.

Smoke- free, pet-free home. ISO PayPal or possibly EUC large BG AIOs in colors other than moonbeam/ribbit (I have a ton of those) and Hemp Babies short doublers. Please pm for fastest response.

Pics coming ASAP tonight! Thanks for looking!

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