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Alikhlas 11-26-2012 11:33 AM

I'm selling these things for a friend...we put together a stash for her to use cloth on her nb, but it didn't work out and now we're back to sell to home that can use and love them! There is a good mix of things, and enough to where you wouldn't need anything else for the first few weeks.

I'd like to sell as a whole lot first of course, if not then broken down into nb items, OS pockets, and OS aio, or then by brand/type of diaper. If something is listed on its own, then please buy with at least one other item! See below for details. Oh and other than the grovias and maybe a few pf, nothing has stains!

Mmao if you don't like my prices :)

Newborn Diapers $135 ppd for the lot
Thirsties: $45 ppd for the lot SOLD
Everything is in great condition, only minor wear on the aplix but looks new for the most part!
-1 duo cover in warm stripes, aplix
-1 duo cover in meadow, aplix
-1 duo fitted in orange snaps
-1 duo fitted in purple snaps
-1 duo aio in light blue, aplix

Attachment 131049

XS Sandies: $16 ppd for the pair NOW $14
Both great condition SOLD
-1 in light pink
-1 in white

Organic caboose fitteds: $12 ppd for pair NOW $10
Both vguc, pilly but very small. One nb and one small, nb has umbilical snap down and is the tiniest thing I've ever seen!

Attachment 131056

Attachment 131050

Assunta Store tiny cover, minky cream with "I love you" written on it, $6 ppd SOLD ffs still available!
Free Grovia shell in purple with this purchase, in very used condition but snaps down to fit a nb so including it here, still useable but not pretty.

Attachment 131051

For all 4 covers in the pic, $15 ppd. The grovia and bummis flower are ffs, the little rearz is a small in vguc, and the assunta is in euc.

Prefolds: $45 ppd SOLD
-20 preemie prefolds
Some are from cotton babies, some organic blue edge, all prepped and most only used a few times.
-12 infant prefolds from cotton babies
-prepped, used for a month or so on another baby, some stained
-6 10x11 bamboo/cotton blend [I believe] prefolds, homemade [not by me], streak dyed light pastel pinks, green, cream, blues [each pf is one color each]

Wool: $15 ppd
-1 nb wook soaker, beautiful deep purpleish, malabrigo I think wool/color [don't know much about wool], very soft and stretchy, freshly lanolized

Attachment 131052

Nana's Bottoms: $14 ppd SOLD
Great condition, aplix is very strong on both
-1 bright green small aio, birdseye inner and soaker
-1 dark blue small aio, birdseye inner and soaker

Fleece: $7 ppd
-Small hot pink fleece skirty, like new

Attachment 131053

One Size
Pockets: $40 ppd NOW $36
-These were bought in a lot as seconds directly from Lilie's Diapers. Mix of fleece and suedecloth inners, I dont see anything wrong with them, beautiful girly prints, all snap closure with hip snaps. Haven't been used at all!

Attachment 131054

Bottom two are minky

AIO: $28 ppd NOW $25
-1 Green Imagine aio, old style with the shorter soaker, aplix/snaps/elastic in great condition, minimally used.
-2 Grovia aio in light pink, one has one leg elastic slightly stretched but great condiiton otherwise, some staining

Attachment 131055

Accessories: $16 ppd NOW $14
6-8 imagine printed flannel wipes
10 small Sherpa squares, unfinished edges but don't fray, used as wipes/doublers with preemie pf
3 snappis SOLD

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Alikhlas 12-10-2012 09:54 AM

Re: NB mixed lot, OS pockets & AIO

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Alikhlas 01-10-2013 02:37 PM

Bump for a mama

akstien86 01-12-2013 05:59 PM

Re: NB mixed lot, OS pockets & AIO
Do you have any pics? What colors are the thristies? I only see stripes and light blue listed. thanks!

fekirby 01-18-2013 10:22 PM

Re: NB mixed lot, OS pockets & AIO
What thirsties covers do you still have? Thanks!

Gratefulstella 01-19-2013 03:36 PM

Re: NB mixed lot, OS pockets & AIO
dang, really hoping for pics

Alikhlas 01-19-2013 03:46 PM

Super sorry everyone! I've been out of town, I'll will upload pics this weekend hopefully!

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