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FreeLove 11-26-2012 08:49 PM

Nostalgic Stash Sale! 50+ items practically FFS
Wow three generations of cloth diapering!!! Have I been a member of DS that long... have I really lasted through CDing that long, and now I'm a mama to 3 :happycry: Amazing!!! Anyway, after having DD#3 this last month I decided to go through my stash, which was like a walk down memory lane and I found that with this new baby I'd like to go back to the basics and since we don't plan on having another I find that I'm wanting to spoil my newest LO and myself ;) with some luxury cloth dipes too!

I have for sale a huge lot of over 50 WELL loved girly/ gender neutral cloth diapers in several varieties and brands. Mostly pocket styles, OS, with some covers, inserts, doublers, a few travel wetbags, and more. Elastic and snaps are still great, most wick, a few new, and some with stains but all have life left in them yet! Would be great for a family on a budget, as backups for the car or for mostly day use.

Because I'm working and still learning with the dynamic of 5 I'm trying to make this easy and I'm not on the computer that much these days (and loving it:goodvibes:)... I just wanna price all this stuff for pretty much the cost of ALL the items shipped. All ready to go now :thumbsup:

Also included in this lot is an iplay mermaid SPF swim diaper set, a 1st generation Adiri bottle and a few more baby/mommy items that I'm finding myself letting go of.

Asking just $75ppd for ALL. Will gladly post pics for serious interests. *Note shipping from me can take 4-6 wks and on rare occasions up to 8 as it ships from overseas.

Thank you my fellow DS mamas for your time and HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOURS!!!

mimi5182 11-26-2012 11:44 PM

Re: Nostalgic Stash Sale! 50+ items practically FFS
Hi I was wondering what brands you have and also what the breakdown is of this stash(pockets/AIO/covers/etc) Thanks! Have a great day.

FreeLove 11-27-2012 07:24 PM

Re: Nostalgic Stash Sale! 50+ items practically FFS
I can dig out the box and go over the items for you. Though it may take me a little time, I'll try to get you that info as soon as I can. Thanks for your interests. :)

Beesmomma 11-28-2012 03:45 PM

Re: Nostalgic Stash Sale! 50+ items practically FFS
I'm interested as well :)

FreeLove 11-28-2012 06:00 PM

Re: Nostalgic Stash Sale! 50+ items practically FFS
Busted out the box last night and went through the stash. It was a lot of stuff and I hope I didn't miss anything... I kinda had to do it very fast as my 2yr old was insisting on "helping" me go through it or in her case plow through it. ;)

Here's what's in it so far...

Lots of Babyland OS Pockets, Several OS Sunbaby Pockets & Several Medium Fuzzi Bunz (2 of those have major outside stains), Bumis cover, fitted, unknown covers, a Daisy Doodle, an OS Happy Hieny, Several Misc WAHM dipes, stacks of doublers, 3 travel wetbags, 1 st Generation Adiri bottle, a Pair of Girl Robeez, a few belly bands to layer under shirts for nursing, & an iplay mermaid SPF swim diaper set. Most dipes are very well loved showing signs of wear but still usable with the exception of a few new OS dipes thrown in and almost all the pocket dipes come with either an insert or a prefold.

I maybe including more as I go through my stash and baby/ mama stuff. Will update on that if I do.

FreeLove 11-29-2012 05:44 PM

Re: Nostalgic Stash Sale! 50+ items practically FFS
Bump :)

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