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AtLeast 11-29-2012 02:56 PM

Ovarian cysts
Not sure what forum this should go in...

I have had 3 pp afs so far and I believe I have cysts. Ovulation day is so painful, I can't even sit down it hurts so much. Then when af arrives, it's so super heavy. I've never had such heavy afs. I'm still nursing my 11 month old frequently and through the night.

I'm hesitant to go in to the doc because I am very opposed to the pill. DH and I are open to life and besides that, I just don't agree with putting hormones into my body.

It's not debillitating, just painful. This last O wasn't a painful, so I'm waiting to see what af is like.

What have those of you done to treat them, if anything. Anything natural I can try?


Resellmybelle 11-29-2012 03:12 PM

Re: Ovarian cysts
I take inositol everyday.

I also take evening primrose oil leading up to my period up to 3 caps a day when I am actually having my cycle. I had a 53 day cycle this time, so I just guessed and started the epo last week beginning with one pill for a couple days then 2 pills a couple days and now I am on my 4th cycle day and I have been taking 3 caps a day for all 4 days. This cycle is definitely better than the last one.

I got a stash of mama cloth, trying it out now, so far I just love the comfort and luxurious fabrics instead of paper products. Makes it more tolerable and a bit of a distraction from the suckyness of it all.

Cramp bark, dong quai, vitex are all supposed to be good and cinammon tea. I am not great about anything other than popping supplements though. I have some vitex, but I forgot to take it this time. The dong quai and the cramp bark are little drops to put in the water.

Great book on the subject is this.

Good luck, sorry you are going thru this, for me, it has landed me in the hospital. So stay on top of it. If you don't have a cycle at least once a quarter you should see the dr. I went without one for six months, then had a three month non stop heavy cycle and ended up having to have a D&C. I am not one to ever go to the dr and I did not know how serious NOT having a period for so long could be and I was not pp.

It's not been that bad since then, but this is the longest I have gone between cycles in a long time. The longer the cycle, the tougher the cramps and heavier the bleeding for me. Mine were getting pretty regular around 37-38 days for months, then this 53 day cycle, so it's been rough.

ETA: for pain, like with your ovulation or cramping, I take 3 ibuprofen a couple times a day. I was taking 2, but it didn't lessen anything. Now taking 3, it is much more tolerable.

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