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AlliK2001 11-30-2012 04:22 AM

entire Stash for very low price- need to take it all!
I will ship and send the following for $125 if you take it all.

All diapers washed in Rockin' Green- sun dried whenever possible. All used for under one year. In very good condition.

DIAPER LIST- Full stash that lasts easily 4 days between washings. I averaged about 2.5 because I didnít like having dirty diapers long.

7 Oh Katy one size. Two light green one brown one dark blue. One light blue. One green. One coral. With inserts.
Four itti bitti tutos. One size. All inserts. White. Two pink. Turquoise.
Two medium long green acre design pockets. Pink. Brown.
Gray rumparooz one size. With inserts.

Three nalas fluffy bums. Turtle. Bikes. Flowers.

Green all in one bum genius with snaps.
Sbish with inserts. One size. Purple. Two.
Soft bums. One size. Inserts. White. Velcro
Kawaii baby. One size pockets. Insets. Green purple red gray design yellow.

Two Preston pants pockets. Orange leopard pink black. With insets. Med. med long pink.
Random. Fly baby pocket. Pink strips. Owl pocket wahm. Wahm blue smallish pocket.
Bummies small diaper bags 2 Green design
Pikapu all in one Velcro. Used as nighttime. Green and pink. Covers
Econobum white and pink os
Blueberry polka dots os
NB purple wahm fleece
Two diaper snappis for covers, etc.
Lots and lots of microfleece and hemp inserts and liners

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