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sarahannecloud9 11-30-2012 07:24 PM

~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!
I did a lot of thinking on this months chicken. I came up with a familliar breed to me. It's a chicken that looks like it's wearing a big feahter jacket and boots, lol. My fav-The COCHIN. I didn't pick it because i'm so fond of them, but because they just look so warm. :)

So here they are in all their big fluffy beauty:

The cochin.

Some AWSOME info from the ALBC:

Quick Facts
Cochin ancestors first originated in the United States after the Chinese chicken, which was tight-feathered and had moderate to no feathers on their legs, was brought to the eastern coast around 1845. They soon became a hit, and Shanghai lovers took the fluffiest and most feather legged chickens to breed them for those traits exactly. Their result was vey nice, with the fully feather-legged and fluffy chicken we now call the Cochin. This began what was known as the “hen craze,” which stretched from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s, when people around the world bred chickens purely for their looks, rather than to create a better egg layer and such. The Cochin today is a very large, fluffy feathered bird with fully feathered legs and feet. Their very fluffy cushion and short, fluffy tail give them a unique look, with their short, curved-looking back as a result. The cochin is a hardy, friendly, and docile chicken. Cochins also will adapt very easily to confined spaces or open range. Cochin hens are fairly broody and good mothers, and are known to be good surrogate incubating birds in even falcon breeding. However, they are slow to mature. This breed was admitted into the APA in 1874. There are 18 colors of the cochin chicken, nine of them being birchen, blue, buff, gold laced, silver laced, barred, black, red, and white. The standard-sized cochin is of the Asiatic class, and the roosters weight 11 pounds, while the hens weight 8.5 pounds. The bantam version of the cochin is of the feather legged class. The bantam rooster weighs on average 32 oz, while the hen weighs a smaller 28 oz. A male’s comb should be of medium size, with five points that stick straight into the air. He should also have round and long wattles and earlobes. The female has a rather small comb, which conforms to their head. Their wattles and earlobes are small as well.


This chicken was originally bred in China and later exported to Britain and America in the mid 19th century. As a very distinctive breed of chicken, it apparently created a bit of a craze among poultry lovers in the English-speaking world, effectively launching poultry fancy as we know it today.[1] Not only was this breed one of the largest seen, with cocks weighing up to 11 pounds (5 kg), but also the soft and plentiful plumage makes the bird quite conspicuous by exaggerating its already large size. Once in the United States, the breed underwent considerable development into its current state. There is also a bantam version, which is often called the "Pekin bantam", but should not be confused with the separate true Pekin bantam.[2]


As above, the most distinctive feature of the Cochin is the excessive plumage that covers leg and foot. The skin beneath the feathers is yellow and the egg colour is brown. Eggs are also medium in size. Standard weight is 11 pounds (5 kg) for a ****, 9 pounds (4 kg) for a cockerel, 8.5 pounds (3.9 kg) for a hen, and 7 pounds (3.2 kg) for a pullet. Colour varieties include buff, black, partridge, blue, silver laced, splash, golden laced, and white. Cochins also come in a variety called frizzled, in which the feathers are turned outward. Cochins are well known as good mothers, even as foster mothers for other breeds, and they can lay many eggs, but usually not for extended periods of time. Cochins are also known to be good pet hens for the garden, as they are tame and regarded as one of the most 'friendly' chicken breeds. Cochins are quiet chickens. They scarcely crow or cluck, only when laying eggs. Also cochins are very calm, when exposed often to people.

jc12551 11-30-2012 08:49 PM

Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!
I didn't know there was a chicken chat thread!!!

I have in my flock a red Cochin bantam hen and a partridge bantam Cochin roo. The hen hatched out the very first clutch she laid and there are 5 red x partridge babies (all look red) and one red cochin x white silkie baby that is adorable! I need to take pics.

sarahannecloud9 12-01-2012 05:44 AM

Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!
Oh, man. I need to see the pics of those crosses, lol. I love cross chickens. Not sure why they arn't more popular? Such cool shape and color to them. Like mutts. I have a bunch re are raising for meat and I just love them. I'm finding them very robust as well. Would really love to see a silkieXcochin. :)

Continued from the other thread-> Liz, she does have a tiny undeveloped tongue. I posted this pic before: see the tiny piece of flesh to the back left. That's all there is. Just a tiny day old chick sized one.

sarahannecloud9 12-01-2012 07:00 AM

Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!
Patients was 7.4 oz this am. A gain of .2. Something is better than nothing right. Here she is doing some lap dog practice after her morning weigh-in and feeding:

Bekki 12-01-2012 10:24 AM

Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!
Aaww, beautiful Patience! Glad to hear about the gain! How old is she?

I went and swapped the boys this morning! I ended up giving back David and Goliath. I just feel more comfortable with Bob. Plus he is really cute. :) Now that he is the only roo in the house, his name shall henceforth be General Tso. ;)

Brought home two lovely ladies who are GREAT with being held! <3 The flock seemed to welcome them in, in that they didn't start pecking at them or running away. They all just ate together and went on their merry way.

The lady I met with brought along some Frizzles to show me. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in love!!! She's not selling them yet because she is having a SUPER hard time sexing them, but she's going to hold a couple girls for me once we get our big coop in the spring. They are way too cute!

sarahannecloud9 12-01-2012 10:33 AM

Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!
Congrats bekki! Wow!

Patients is now 7 weeks I believe. The chicken chick finally got back with me and I wrote a letter from Patients and a pic for the addoption post. I think it's gonna be on her fb page? Not sure yet.

Pray for her!!!! She really deserves a good loving family that can help her more than i. I really hate to see her go though. It's what's best for her though.

Gotta run to town to fax this paper! Yay!

Oh, the devil cat came back last night. He tore up poor Daisy May pretty bad before I could even think about grabbing the gun. It was either brake it up or take the chance and go grab it. I just ran out the door and chased it off. I put her with the girls and set the trap, but it didn't come back. Errrr.

sarahannecloud9 12-02-2012 07:27 AM

Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!
Looks like today is going to be a long sad one. I've done what I can and the feather picking is worse. I witnessed the dom little cockeral malling 2 girls yesterday. I have to get him out of the pen and put him down. There is one more in there i suspect. I saw them fighting yesterday too. All this damage can not be from just the one. I'll sit and watch to see if he takes part in the picking. Ugh. Dumb little dudes.

Nielsen6 12-02-2012 02:06 PM

Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!
OK gals, lets talk about mice. How to get rid of them and keep them away. Ever since they picked the fields and it's gotten cold they've been flocking to my house. I find mouse poop in drawers and little nests too. I had to kill 8 babies and have killed 4 or 5 adults. We put poision out in places the kids, dogs, chickens could not get to. I have all the food in tupperware: flour, sugar, cereal, beans, rice, chips, snacks....etc. And they still hang around. Is there anything natural that they hate to deter them? They are gross, I am so mad that they are here. The poop gives me the willies, I know that could make us ill.

sarahannecloud9 12-02-2012 04:25 PM

Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!
We were dealing with them pretty badly. We found the entry way. It was where the pipe from the kitchen sink went into the floor. Ray calked it up super heavy. We see them run up the walls outside to get under the lip of the foundation and under the house. They just can't get in. We seriously batteled them in my van! Crap everywhere in the mornings. We ended up using tons of the old school snap traps in soda boxes and slathered with pb. We just kept catching them till gone. Same in the shed/barn. There is really no getting rid of them, just keepking the numbers down and out of the house. One lady places a empty garbage can next to the kitchen counter, puts some pb in the end of a empty paper towel roll. Places teatertottered on the edge and it falls in the can when it goes into eat. i'd set up a cpl of those every night. And snap traps in a soda box. No mess. But, you have got to find the entry ways. They can even chew through metal scouring pads. :( AHHHH!

AFM-What a day! Took all day to catch all the chickies. Grrrr. I watched them for a really long time. Sadly I found it was 5 extreamly aggressive little roos. I had ot do it. I couldn't rehomed them where they would do the same thing to someone eleses chickens. Everyone is heavily coated in blue. I hope they can settle into a new order and chill out. I don't want anyone tormenting anyone elese. :( Poor babies. They were ALL the australorpXbuckeye one.

To make this misserable year worse!...............ya ready! Stupid Elly May relapsed and went broody again.......................THEN, not elly may went broody too. That's the twin that just has wider eyes. Only diff, lol. They are now both locked in the run. I have nowhere elese to put them. Ya know, when you go to build a coop, what don't people tell you you will HAVE to also build a broody breaker/isolation/hospital pen too!?! GAH!

3lilbubs 12-02-2012 08:40 PM

Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!
Congrats Bekki!!

Fodie I know that this probably doesn't help but we don't have mice and have not had them in years because we have four outdoor fixed cats. They only way I ever see them anymore is dead, on my doormat. Not even a trace of them. When I noticed Sarah (one of our cats) :giggle: nosing around dh's shop out in the garage I told dh she smelled something. He didn't believe me for a few days but he decided to open the door one morning. That day she brought a dead mouse up to the porch in the afternoon and another the following morning. Leave dry food out for the cats, don't ever give them wet food and they'll hunt.

Sarah you need to get rid of those girls. :( They're a problem in your older flock and spreading bad genetics through the new ones. If you think it's bad now, the EE's are really shy and mellow. They'll get torn to pieces when you bring them into the flock. They'll just sit there and allow them to pick them to pieces. Sorry about your broodies. Could you post an ad on craigslist looking for a free rabbit hutch?

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