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jnrsmom82 12-02-2012 06:15 PM

Hello, my name is Atoka and I am a 30 yr old mother of two. My first son is 2 and perfect as can be. Just had my 2nd son back in September...I was a VBAC attempt...and my uterus ruptured. Poor baby went without oxygen for nearly 5 minutes. We are both very fortunate to be alive! He had to stay in the NICU for 6 weeks...which was soooo hard! He was a very healthy 9 lbs 1 oz at birth....full term, so fortunately, we didn't have that battle to deal with. All his organs are functioning normally and the MRI only showed a few areas that may be affected by the lack of oxygen, but we won't know for sure until he gets older. So hard to have a big unknown for his future. He does have a G-tube for feedings, but has gotten the ok to start oral feedings. This has also been super hard for me, as I proudly breastfed my 1st son for 18 months. I am still using a breast pump though, so he is still only getting breastmilk. The hardest part about all of this is going through it with nobody to really talk to about it. All of my friends have 'normal' kids with no medical issues.

MDever 12-02-2012 06:19 PM

Re: Intro
Wow, that sounds tough. Welcome to DiaperSwappers and the SpecialNeeds area. Way to go on the pumping:goodvibes: That is an awesome commitment. There are lots of amazing mamas on here.

jen_batten 12-02-2012 07:50 PM

Re: Intro
Hi Mama! :wave: That certainly does sound trying for you and your little man. I hope that he doesn't have too much trouble with the damage areas and things go really well for him. My daughter also has a small amount of brain damage so I know how trying it can be. I know the waiting and wondering is very hard, but remember to enjoy your little one in the everyday moments. Yes there will be struggles and hard times....but don't let that overtake your whole relationship. Remember to snuggle and enjoy him just as he is.

luvsviola 12-02-2012 09:18 PM

Re: Intro
Welcome mama! I am a fellow Tubie Mama. :) My son is 3.5, and has a G-J. We are finally down to 8 oz per day through the tube, and 26 oz oral feeds of Peptamin Jr. Our goal is to be rid of the tube by Kindy.

This is a great place to ask questions and get advice. We love pictures, and we love celebrating milestones, no matter when they happen. And sometimes, when you just need to vent, we are good for that too. :) Welcome!

Shaunam 12-04-2012 06:01 AM

Welcome! My daughter also lacked oxygen at birth. There is a great Facebook group called the beautiful faces of HIE that is very helpful. I'm not sure if your son had HIE, but generally with oxygen loss, it's a common diagnosis. In any case, I'm sure you'd be welcomed into the group. My daughter is on the more severe end, but if you have any questions, you can certainly ask!

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