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Happy Mommax4 12-04-2012 07:08 AM

All gone, please delete
Smoke free, border collie friendly home. Only shipping in US, I'm mostly in search of ppal but try me on Disney cars, princesses, DVDs, trains and momma cloth!

Don't like my prices, MMARO-also I'd love to shop everything together!!!
Go car, this was played with very little, there is a small red scuff on the handle that may come off w a magic eraser-7$PPD SOLD
Attachment 126609

Lamaze elephant toy 4$PPD SOLD
Lamaze knot 5$PPD SOLD
Jingle bell rattle4$PPD (other rattle free w it!)
Buttoning/tying fabric book, zipper also 4$PPD GONE

Attachment 126610

Melissa and Doug zoo train stackable, notice the zebras missing a link! Also as w all M&D there is some wear to the paint12$PPD

M&D peek a boo panda 3$PPD (same wear)

M&D bendable snake 3$PPD (same wear)

M&D bendable snake new in box 5$PPD SOLD

Attachment 126611

This is pretty neat, it's the squishy squares w alphabet to take apart/put together, wear on here, some cubes have teeth marks! 6$PPD

Attachment 126612

Melissa and Doug lacing bear, great condition 9$PPD
/Users/prestonkender/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2012/Dec 11, 2012/IMG_2427.jpgThanks for looking!!!!

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Re: M&D, lamaze, sesame street, GO CAR
Bumping up

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Bumping up

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