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BinahYeteirah 12-04-2012 08:07 AM

FFS Well-Loved Diapers and Covers
These aren't the prettiest and most of them have major issues, but maybe someone can use at least some of these. Shipping will be actual plus any Paypal fees.

Medium Sugar Plum Baby AIO (on left in photo)

This has a cute batik cotton outer and a micro inner, but the elastic is mostly shot and it wicks like crazy. It could still be used as a fitted.

Medium Keester Kovers AIO (on right)

This is marked as a medium, but it fits like a small. The outer is very worn; the elastic is shot; it wicks like crazy; the inner is pilly fleece. It can still be used as a fitted, and may even contain messes despite the poor elastic, as it has gussets.

Medium Gerber Car Print Wrap (on top in photo)

Like the Babykins wrap below, this isn't the most waterproof cover, but it might be okay in a pinch or for dolls. It's actually marked as a size small, but I think it fits more like a medium with a short rise.

Small Green Vinyl Wrap (on bottom in photo)

This isn't the most beautiful cover, but it has always been bulletproof for me. The elastic is good and the hook and loop works, although it isn't the stickiest. The outer is pilly, but, again, I've never had a leak with this.

Small Babykins Wrap (on top in photo)

I don't think this cover is very waterproof any more, but I've kept it around for use on laundry day.

Small Alexis Featherweight Nylon Cover (on bottom in photo)

I haven't used this in ages, so I can't guarantee total waterproofness, but it worked perfectly last time I did use it. The elastic is still stretchy and nice, but the nylon has yellowed. There is also some noticable wear by one of the snaps, but it's only a cosmetic issue. It's a larger small.


jessaw1981 12-04-2012 10:07 AM

I would love thesedo you know what shipping to 29734 is

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