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Kyonarai 12-04-2012 11:54 AM

Kyo's Christmas Stash-away!
The winner of the stash lot is: Christina2babyboys
The winner of the boy/GN lot is: MorrigansMomma
The winner of the girly lot is: Mommytobe2013

*All entries were assigned a number and the winner was decided by random online number picker, all winners will receive pms shortly*

*This Lotto now closed.*

Hello there, DS mama's! I've recently made the switch from pockets to flats in flips, mainly for washing reasons, and that's left me with a whole lot of pockets that I won't be using anymore. Instead of selling them, I've decided to give them away to a mama that's in need.

This is a lot of 15 BG 4.0 pocket diapers. There are 6 sweet, 6 bubble, 2 dazzle, and 1 mirror. They are all in snaps.

Excluding the three bright colors, these dipes were all purchased by me in January of this year as first quality during the big artist/sweet/bubble clearance sales, and used exclusively in a rotation of 25 diapers up until about two months ago. With that said, they may require a little stripping. I did not ever use most of the BG onesize MF inserts(I switched to bamboo inserts after she outgrew the newborn inserts) so many of them are completely new. A few of them were from dipes I had purchased second hand though, since I had all the mf inserts mixed up and shoved in a drawer, so a couple may require a little stripping or replacement, but most of them should be the brand new inserts.

These diapers have all been washed in tide free and gentle and line dried, so there is minimal pilling or stains. I would call them VGUC.

Again, I would really like to see these go to someone who really needs them, not just someone who is going to resell. Seriously guys, it's Christmas. Don't be a scrooge! On that note, if these dipes do not fit well/work out for you/whatever, or you finish using them and they are still in usable condition, please FFS them along to the next person.

If you would still like to enter this lotto, please reply below with the words 'Stash lot' and your reason for needing them. Only one entry per person.

Anyone who misses out on the big stash still has a chance at diapers. I have two smaller lots that I am also lottoing off to someone who needs them. These dipes are not in as good of a condition as the others. Most of them were bought second hand, and the two bgs in each of the lots do have slight leaking problems. They are still functional, but may need some spray on sealant or something similar to work better.

First lot: Girly
-1 pink kawaii aplix cover (never used)
-1 bubble aplix flip cover (some pilling from velcro catching in wash, but brandnew otherwise, only used once)
-1 blossum snap flip cover (GUC, little bit pilly)
-1 bubble snap BG4.0 (wicks)
-1 butternut snap BG4.0 (leaks, needs sealant)
-1 Jiggs of main pocket, teal(nothing wrong with this one)
-1 imagine bamboo AIO, pink(Nothing wrong with this one, other than some bleach stains on the inner)

Second lot: Boy/Gender neutral
-2 light green snap kawaii covers (never used)
-1 ribbit snap flip (loose elastic, pilly)
-1 Sweet snap BG4.0 (might wick)
-1 Clementine snap BG4.0(leaks a touch if saturated)
-1 jiggs of maine pocket, red(nothing wrong with this one)
-1 imagine bamboo AIO, green(again, nothing wrong other than bleach staining on inner)

If you would like to enter for the smaller lots, just put girl or boy/neutral lot in your reply, along with Stash lot for the big lot. I will be doing a separate drawing for each of these.

The only catch in all of this, is that it may take me up to two weeks to get them shipped to you. We have no vehicle right now, and have to rely on rides from friends to go places. With respect to this, I will not have the winner of any of the lots pay me the shipping fee until the exact day that I am going to send them, so I can give them an 100% accurate rate, and so that they aren't waiting around on something they've already sent the money for.

Have a great day and merry Chrismahanuquanzikah to all!

Entries for these lots will close on Thursday, Dec. 6th, in honor of DD's first birthday.

ETA: the Stash lot also includes one planetwise pail liner

DragonnMama 12-04-2012 12:19 PM

This is so wonderful of you, mama! Truly in the season's spirit! Xoxo

oregonmom 12-04-2012 01:05 PM

Re: Kyo's Christmas Stash-away!
I would really like to enter for the Stash lot. I could not pay shipping till the my DH's next paycheck on the 15th, so if that is a problem feel free to not enter me.

The reason I would like to be entered is that all of my diapers were given to me used and most have been through two of my children and then my nephew. They are dead and we do not have the funds yet to be able to buy any new or most of the gently used ones at this time. I am due with another baby in March, and could really use some better diapers.

myclanof6 12-04-2012 01:25 PM

I would like to enter for my sister in the Stash lot. I've given her what I can but we are expecting in a couple of weeks. I will need back some of what I have lent her once we go through our disposables we were gifted.
Thanks for the very generous lotto!
Forgot to add either girl/boy/gn would be wonderful too. I don't think my niece would mind any color!

christina2babyboys 12-04-2012 01:28 PM

Re: Kyo's Christmas Stash-away!
I would LOVE to enter for the stash lot and the boy lot. We dont have many diapers for our 18m old boy. We are going through a lot right now.

no money (DH works full time but we never have enough to pay our bills)

due any day (baby had 2 chromosonal defects appear on 2 ultrasounds)

no insurance or money

large family (we have 4 soon 5 boys under 6 and let the lord decide our family size) (I am 25 and DH is 27)

DH is in the hospital today with high BP, chest pains, ect :(

This would be SUCH a blessing!
PS I dont have any wetbags or pail liners at all. All that I do have was given to me by nice mamas on DS :) And I totally do not mind girly colors ;) I have had dipes in the past but had to sell them all to pay for midwife/bloodwork/ and multiple U/Ss :(

Southern Momma 12-04-2012 01:29 PM

Re: Kyo's Christmas Stash-away!
Wow! This is truly kind and very unselfish of you to offer ffs!
Please enter my name for 'Stash lot' and the Boy/Gender neutral. Thank you!

I'm due in April and because we weren't planning on any more children I had sold all DD diapers except for the XL ones (which were going up for sale shortly, so glad I procrastinated!).

I promise if these do not fit well/work out/whatever I WILL offer them FFS to another momma!

Thank you!

anniekins1488 12-04-2012 01:31 PM

Re: Kyo's Christmas Stash-away!
Not entering mama but this is such a wonderful FFS lotto! :hugs: I love seeing all the love and sharing by mamas here. :goodvibes: Thank you for sharing the love!!

(Unless my DSD would use the BG pockets, she didn't want prefolds I bought for her so she may not be interested in pockets either. I don't think she realizes just how expensive diapers are going to be for her and her bf. I'll ask her about these and show her your pic, if you'd allow me to enter on her behalf).

ETA: My DSD would love to be entered for the Stash lot, then the Girly lot. Her DD (my first granddaughter :yay:) is due in 10 days! Thank you mama! :goodvibes:

threestraycats 12-04-2012 01:56 PM

Re: Kyo's Christmas Stash-away!
not entering but how sweet of you!

i hope a truly deserving mama gets them:)

e-conrad3 12-04-2012 02:20 PM

Re: Kyo's Christmas Stash-away!
This is very sweet of you!

ClemsonMama87 12-04-2012 02:40 PM

Re: Kyo's Christmas Stash-away!
Please enter me (on behalf of a friend of mine) for Stash Lot and Boy/GN. I met her on Facebook and she really wants to cloth diaper but is struggling financially (1-income household for her, DH, and 4 children) and can't really afford to buy as many diapers as she needs. I know that if I won this for her, it would definitely help with her decision to continue CDing :) Thank you for an awesome giveaway!

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