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MDever 12-05-2012 08:49 PM

Severe Hyperopia
Three of our children have vision concerns including our DD3. She will be 2yo on Saturday. She went for her first eye appointment this week and was diagnosed with severe hyperopia. Her prescription is a +6 in one eye and +9 in the other. The doctor held lenses to my eye to show me what her vision is:cry: Wow, it was bad! I was just curious if mamas might have a LO with that strong of a prescription. Any advice?

mekat 12-05-2012 09:17 PM

Re: Severe Hyperopia
My son is 6+ in both eyes. I have always been told with farsightedness there is a good possibility when they are this young for it to get less severe but that hasn't been true for my ds. He is 8yo and has been 6+ in both eyes since he was a toddler.

We have problems with him keeping his glasses on. I had the most success with metal frames and Croakie eyeglass retainers at least until he figured out how to snap the arms in two. This kid has completely destroyed brand new frames in less then an hour he is that determined to get them off. We since switched to Miraflex frames (out of pocket since insurance won't pay such a ridiculous markup for plastic frames) and I am less then impressed. They are so easy to get off the strap on the back might as well be nonexistent. Sure he can't break them but what good are they if the slightest flick of his hand sends them flying? I am contemplating trying flexible titanium frames with a Croakies retainer but I am worried he will either snap them in two or the extra flexibility with the metal will make it that much easier for him to chuck them across the room.

My son also has bilateral optic nerve colobomas and his Opthamologist thinks the colobomas are interfering with his vision so that the glasses aren't helping him. We could do more invasive testing but I opted out of it because even if they found out it was true, knowing the problem still wouldn't give us any solution since you can't correct a coloboma.

My only advice is either buy glasses with a good iron clad warranty or buy cheap. Replacing glasses and lenses every month add up to major $$$$$$.

lemurmommies 12-05-2012 09:21 PM

My son's prescription is not quite that strong, at +5 in both eyes, but he also has severe astigmatism in both eyes (-4.25 and -4.5). Fun fun! My son wears Miraflex glasses to school, as I love that they are unbreakable. He doesn't fiddle with them, but he is also older. He didn't want to wear them when he first got them (he was 4.5 at the time), but as soon as he relaxed into his prescription and figured out they helped, he never wanted to take them off.

We have the Miraflex for school as well as any sports or outdoor play. They have transition lenses in them, which are new this year and we are really liking. For photos/dressy occasions, he has Adidas wire frames that we also really like.

If you are on Facebook, request to join the Little Four Eyes group. It is a wonderful place with tons of littles in glasses!

ktmelody 12-05-2012 09:33 PM

5 of my kids have vision issues so far.

My 5 year old is +6 in both eyes. 2 others are +3. My older 2 have negative rx.

I will tell you my second dd was +12 in both eyes at 18 months. We did years of patching (for lazy eye) and glasses. It corrected and now she is nearsighted and about 20/40. So it can fix itself.

Once they hit about 5 years old a positive rx usually does not get better.

I have severe vision issues, but with glasses I do well. I have to read on a negative screen for books, and I dont drive much at night anymore.

Have they discussed any reason why hers would be so bad? Usually at that age they will do an mri to rule out other issues.

I think here they have to accept kids with a certain script into the early childhood program for low vision. You might want to contact your school district for information.

The good thing is that if glasses can correct the vision then you should have minimal issues. :)

MDever 12-06-2012 07:58 AM

Re: Severe Hyperopia
Thanks ladies:goodvibes: We have had a child this little in glasses before but the doctor is expecting more resistence to wearing them this time because of how strong her script is. I was just shocked that her vision is that poor. She seems to be coping very well. I wanted flexible frames but could not find any locally that came small enough for her. I did get a GREAT warranty because I am expecting some damage. The other 2 kids went through quite a few sets of lenses at the very begining because of scratching.

MDever 12-06-2012 04:57 PM

Re: Severe Hyperopia

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