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twinpossible 12-06-2012 10:51 PM

I hate...I love...
Pregnancy hates and loves :)

I hate...
- craving things that I do not have in the house.
- that "it must be nap time cause I am SO tired" feeling when it is only 9am!
- people telling me "you are going to have your hands full!". I already have twins, my hands were full before this baby :giggle:
- getting more then one email a day with a work issue that I find annoying
- mothers with ONE child complaining to me that they are tired

I love...
- when you get exactly what you were craving
- feeling little baby girl kick me and play the I poke, you kick game
- catching my hubby admiring my giant boobs or rounding belly :blush:
- people telling me congrats on the new baby
- getting fun fluffy mail

YOUR TURN :goodvibes:

sterlids 12-06-2012 11:10 PM

Re: I hate...I love...
gestational diabetes and constantly worrying about the possibility of having a giant baby.
doing finger sticks 4 times a day to check my glucose
being so tired pretty much all of the time

feeling little lady move and dance around!
how excited my husband is about having another kiddo
how excited and how much my son already loves his baby sister
that my hubby is really into this pregnancy and my pregnant body!!!!

mommajewels 12-07-2012 07:21 AM

Re: I hate...I love...
Warning: My hate list is going to be way longer than my love list. I am so not following the "embrace your last pregnancy" mantra I hear so many people say. :/ This has been my hardest pregnancy yet, physically & emotionally, and I am so ready for March!

Hate: -Sciatica.
-Round Ligament Pain.
- The random burning pains I get around my ovaries.
- Getting out of bed in the morning and having so much pain in my back & hips it takes forever for me to be able to put all my weight on my hips & walk to the bathroom.
- Having to pee every 2 minutes.
- Gaining weight.
- Being short of breath to the point I sound & feel like a 600lb asthmatic after vacuuming the floor.
- Not being able to see my "downtown charlie brown" area so I can groom myself half way decently.
- The constant, nasty "wet" feeling in that area.
- Water retention which results in what I call "fatty fatty red face."
- Crappy skin changes.
- My big, sore boobs. I really came to enjoy my small boobs after I lost all my weight.
- The giant vulvar varicosity I have that causes so much pain when I've been on my feet for too long or Dh and I DTD.
- Throwing up numerous times a day, almost every day with the exception of a few sporadic breaks that only last a few days at a time, for the past 22 weeks.
.............. I think that's "it." LOL

- Feeling & watching baby move.
- All the questions my kids have regarding my belly & the baby.
- Knowing that Dh and I created another life together.
- Dreaming of what she is going to look like
- Looking forward to her birth and welcoming her into our family.
- And I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the extra sympathy I get from Dh because he knows how miserable I feel this time around.

It's so strange.. I figured my 6th pregnancy, especially after losing 50lbs prior, would be a breeze. But, it is far from it. Yes, baby is healthy and I am healthy which I am incredibly thankful for.. and I know a lot of women have it far worse than I do.. I'm just having a rough time is all. :/

Mama_K 12-07-2012 09:36 AM

Re: I hate...I love...

lower back ache
round ligament pain
not being able to really enjoy food
gaining weight
super low libido
getting up to pee multiple times during the night
changing my 16 mo. son's diapers, I'm so over sensitive to smells that I gag every time


feeling this lil' guy moving around
my chiropractor and my massage therapist who make me feel better
cute clothes
working on decorating a new baby room
looking forward to a new squishy baby to cuddle
knowing that that pregnancy doesn't last forever

Sunshine915 12-07-2012 09:58 AM

I hate:

Having a hard time breathing already.
Heartburn. Oh, the heartburn!
When I practically leap out of my seat when baby kicks my cervix and/or bladder.
That I've had no real cravings to indulge. Food is kinda been meh this whole pregnancy (perhaps this is why I still haven't gained much--8lbs so there's a good thing!)
Having no patience whatsoever.
Getting so many colds this season.
Being a total grouch thanks to all the things I hate!

I love:

Baby kicks, especially when DH gets to feel them!
Knitting for a new baby!
Imagining what the future will bring.
Getting the cloth diapers out again.
Seeing how excited DD1 is about the new baby (and :giggle2: over DD2 adamantly stating that she "no want baby")

twinpossible 12-07-2012 10:08 AM

Re: I hate...I love...

Originally Posted by mommajewels (Post 16015838)
- Being short of breath to the point I sound & feel like a 600lb asthmatic after vacuuming the floor.

:rofl2: ME toooo!


Originally Posted by Mama_K (Post 16016314)
super low libido

my chiropractor and my massage therapist who make me feel better
looking forward to a new squishy baby to cuddle
knowing that that pregnancy doesn't last forever

Me too on the low libido! Usually I am the one chasing down DH :blush: now he actually has to ask and sometimes the answer has been no. I feel really really bad about it and try to "do my duty" once a week. Poor DH :(

I second the love of the chiro! Must get in again in the next day or two, my back is totally out again! Also looking forward to a new squishy. My girls spent their first 3 months in the NICU so I never had that quiet squishy home cuddle time. REALLY looking forward to that and a normal birth!


Originally Posted by Sunshine915 (Post 16016409)
I hate:
Heartburn. Oh, the heartburn!

:yuck: me too. Thank God for papaya enzymes!

twinpossible 12-07-2012 10:09 AM

Re: I hate...I love...
Oh and mommajewels, we ALL feel that way sometimes. No need to apologize here, we all get it.

aaiya 12-07-2012 02:59 PM

Re: I hate...I love...
I love...

Getting kicked...and letting my other kids feel it, too.
Not having to wear a heavy coat outside because of my internal heater.
Feeling justified in taking care of my needs (I NEED to nap, I NEED a massage, I NEED to go buy XYZ food RIGHT NOW!) hahaha :D
Being elusive when asked my due date.
Giving off-the-wall names when asked what we're naming our baby.
Answering with my emotional state whenever people ask, "How are you Feeeeeling?" (Hate that question, but love giving a snotty-guised-as-oblivious answer ;))
How productive I am! I don't know if this is early nesting or what, but all my unfinished quilts are getting finished!

Maeve Baby 12-08-2012 10:53 AM

Re: I hate...I love...
Lets start with the positive...:)

I love...
*that this baby is our wedding baby-and it's our last so making it rather special
*I love knowing it's a girl and sharing that news with people when they ask
*feeling baby move
*when DH rubs my belly and gets that proud daddy glow
*that my children are curious and excited and kiss my belly lots
*imagaining what it will be like when she arrives and our family is complete
*my body shape

What I hate...
*HEARTBURN... all the time, with every thing even when I drink water:yuck:
*weird tighting I get in ribs in back that will wake me in the night
*leg craps
*people remarking on my size, negative attributes towards "girl" gender-like wait until they are teenagers...etc OR how busy I'm going to be...yeah people I know-thanks for the tip!
*Being winded and tired easily and often

amb2j 12-08-2012 01:45 PM


1) that I'm having a DD, and feeling her move :), and knowing she already looks like me (DS looks JUST like DH!):)
2) feeling justified in being selfish about my needs- love this one!!
3) all the sympathy I'm getting from DH ( I definitely milk it sometimes lol)
4) buying girlie clothes/ fluff
5) my preggo body :)
6) many of my friends with first pregnancies come to me for advice :) :)
7) having other preggo friends and supporting one another
8) DHs excitement about having another child
9) feeling so much more prepared this second one around for another natural birth
10) I have relatively few preggo symptoms


1) tiring so easily
2) feeling anxious about balancing mommy hood (for two) with work and DH. Heck, managing motherhood, pregnancy, work and DH is hard now lol!!!
3) mood shifts :(
4) sleep problems. I hate this preggo insomnia!!!
5) having to workout even when exhausted bc I gain weight so easily this pregnancy
6) knowing DH is dealing with his own anxieties about becoming a father again
7) that DS is pretty oblivious about the changes in store for our family (despite efforts to prepare him) and how it will effect him
8) women who comment on my "small" belly as if to imply I'm doing something wrong
9) compromised immune system. I've had more colds this season than I've had in the past 8 years combined! Seriously! :((

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