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geez0pete 12-07-2012 07:09 AM

What coffee maker?
It didn't dawn on me to look for a BPA-free or alternative coffee maker until I read a review stating "many cycles with plain water together with several sessions of airing out the open machine in the hot sun and breeze were required to get rid of the distracting odor and flavor of the plastic components contacted by the water." So, if you're conscious about chemicals and such, what coffee maker do you use.

GEM Cloth 12-07-2012 09:36 AM

Re: What coffee maker?
I just have a normal coffee maker, not even a nice one. I just try to keep it clean but I am by no means fanatical about this.

Nandis 12-07-2012 10:21 AM

Re: What coffee maker?
There are many glass and stainless models on the market but coffee makers are kind of a personal choice. We have several, but none of them are automatic drip pots (typical mr coffee type things). I think it really depends on how "automatic" you want your coffee maker to be.

Most simple, is a pour-over type. You put coffee in a filter, set the filter on a vessel and pour boiling water over the coffee. A really beautiful one is made by Chemex. It is glass and wood. There are also ceramic filter holders and metal ones (like Vietnamese phins).

There are also French press pots. It's pretty easy to find glass and stainless models. Some are even insulated.

You can also get a siphon (also called a vacuum pot). Northwest glass I think makes a 40 oz stovetop model that's around $40-$50. It comes with a cloth and stainless filter, but you can get a Cory brand glass filter off of eBay and have nothing but glass touch your brew. There are also siphons that come with alcohol burners or butane burners. They're called tabletop models, but if you have young children, it may not be so practical. The other drawback to a siphon besides having to pay attention to it as it works so you get a good cuppa, is that they are mostly glass. Glass breaks if you're not careful and sometimes it breaks even if you are careful. Then there are balance siphons which are metal but expensive. The siphon I really want is a Royal balance siphon, but at $1,700, it's out of the question. It is that pretty gold one jack Nicholson used in the movie The Bucket List, but i would want palladium. Lol.

Yoshimama 12-10-2012 01:35 PM

Re: What coffee maker?
Try french press but if you don't like the flavor of the oils you are better off with a pour-over because you can use (unbleached) filters.

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