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mjokirk 12-08-2012 10:01 PM

Tons of woolies!
Dyed/knit by me shorties. Size small. $15

NB sleep sack. Knit by me, never used. $15

Llamajamas snowsuit. Small. $25

Paton's wool longies. Small/Med. Crochet. Slightly felted in crotch. $18

Paton's wool longies. Med/Large. Crochet. $20

Immersion dyed purple interlock soaker. Snaps for a snap in liner (I will include one). We used this when DD was potty learning. Size med/large. $10

Reversible interlock soaker. This was my first, so the sewing is not perfect-but not terrible either. Double layer makes it nearly bulletproof. Medium. $10

Brand new cestari natural capris/manpris with textured stripes. I knit these for my son, and then he potty learned. Never worn. I love these beyond measure, but we aren't having more kiddos. Please love them, too! Can add drawstring if desired. Large. $40

Another "knit and then he PLed" story. Striped (in color and texture) soaker. Size L. $25

And another "knit and he PLed", but this time I didn't finish. If there is interest, I will finish them up. :) He tried them on once, and got leaves all over...but they were only on him for 2 minutes. Medium/Large. $40

Crochet skirty. Dyed/crocheted by me. My first completed crochet project. :) Small. $12

Two felted longies. Not very stretchy, but still roomy enough to work and be completely bulletproof! $10 each
blue: nb/small
natural: small/medium

mjokirk 12-11-2012 08:13 AM

Re: Tons of woolies!
bump :)

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