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dancingingrace 12-10-2012 10:49 PM

Switching between diapers and panties?
I just posted in here, but I have a different question. My 2yo DD is potty trained during the day (currently having some issues, but hopefully just a phase), but we still use a diaper when we go out because 1) a lot of the places we go are long-ish drives with no places to stop in between that I could get to quickly enough and 2) I have a newborn and by the time I get both kids out of the car or into a bathroom wherever we're at, it would be too late. However, I do encourage her to still tell me when she has to go...sometimes I can get her there, sometimes I can't, and I don't think she can really hold it for too long yet, or at least she doesn't realize about holding it for too long. But, I'm afraid that this just causes confusion b/c she's supposed to always go on the potty at home, but then it is "okay" to go in her diaper if she needs to when we're out. And sometimes when we're driving, she'll tell me she has to go, and I have to tell her to just go in her diaper because there's nowhere for me to stop. Taking a little potty along would work sometimes, but (this sounds awful) mostly it would be more difficult than anything because it is so cold out, our vehicle is kind of crowded now w/2 carseats so she couldn't sit in the car and go, and lots of times this happens when I'm on a time limit, like trying to get to an appointment or something. How do you eliminate the confusion in switching back and forth between diapers and panties? Also, not that it makes much difference, but I can't put a pull up on her instead of a diaper because she soaks right through a pull up if she pees.

Shimpie 12-11-2012 10:24 AM

Re: Switching between diapers and panties?
Sounds like you are a quite a busy mom. (Aren't we all? :hugs:) DD seems to have great control with her body functions. I don't think it's wise to tell a 2 year old who just potty trained to go in her diaper in a common situation like a car trip. I would also reserve diapers for unusual situations like plane trips.

Honestly, potty training has been the most time consuming and frustrating aspect of my short parenting career. I don't even have a newborn to multiply the diffuculty. However, I think you need to pad more time in your schedule to give DD the opportunity to go pee in the proper setting. Can you push the front seat all the way back so you can put the potty on the floor of the front seat? My DD must always attempt a pee before we go out. When we first started potty training, I pulled over every hour and attempted a pee in potty in the back of my station wagon (She won't use a public toilet). When she got better, I'd ask every hour. Now, we attempt every two hours unless DD protests. With my DD, by the time she tells me she needs to go pee, we have about 90 seconds, so I try to preempt that. I'm sure you know how long your DD can hold it. Can you plan around her schedule a bit more?

ummsmiley 12-12-2012 12:03 PM

I'm not quite understanding why a portable potty doesn't work. We have a potty potiet.(not sure if I spelled that right) but it folds really small and has these little bags with an absorbable pad built into the bag so nothing slouches around. You could put it right on the front seat. Maybe put a changing pad under it if you wanted to be super safe. Just tie up the bag when shes done and toss it in the trash at your destination.I have 5 little ones in 5 car seats in a crowed van and my kids use it all the time. I keep it in bag, with wipes and a liner on it, ready to go. I go no where without it. You can get it at babies r us.

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cdeweese 12-12-2012 12:06 PM

Re: Switching between diapers and panties?
We also keep a small potty in the car. We only use pull ups for sleep. We've had zero issues and most of the time she holds it until we can get to a regular toilet anyway :)

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