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passthepickles 12-11-2012 07:34 AM

What makes you minimalist? (Picture thread!)
I'm a minimalist in every sense of the word. I LOVE seeing pictures of minimalism, and I am having a hard time finding new stuff online because I have already seen it all! Google searches return only photos of sleekly designed kitchens and white living rooms with walls of windows. That is not the minimalism that makes my heart happy. I want to see what makes you minimalist! Your medicine cabinets, make up bags, purses, and kitchen cupboards. Your closets and toy bins. Your media cabinets and garages! Lets share pictures! I'll be back with mine later. :)

BNC 12-11-2012 03:45 PM

Re: What makes you minimalist? (Picture thread!)
Here is the main areas of my house. Dining room, living room and kitchen.

Im thinking about getting rid of the paintings in this room. I like them...enough. dont love them. They are obviously not functional for anything.

Living room from both sides. Notice there is only one couch cushion.....thats the compromise with dh and i...he likes to use the pillows when he sits...i dont use them and hate to pick them up 98765 xs per day. So we leave one out and the rest in storage since he doesnt want me to get rid of them entirely.

Also notice the sick lo...poor baby has a little fever and isnt feeling good!

Kitchen from the living room....the good

And the bad.....

I can never keep the fridge clear...and the bag of garbage hanging from the pot rack is a constant fixture...the girls school participates in terracycle and collects all sorts of garbage to recycle for money to help the school.

This is my biggest problem in the main living right offthe front door and tiny (about 2.5ft wide by 2ft deep) with no door. It has to hold all shoes, coats, winter accessories for 6 people. We also keep a small coloring bucket o the floor in there and if we have library books they live on the shelcu til they are ready totake back.

passthepickles 12-11-2012 04:11 PM

Re: What makes you minimalist? (Picture thread!)
Thanks for starting- I was wondering if anyone was going to play! I LOVE your dining room Jen. <3 I have a "greatroom" with no committed spot for a nice big table. I'm jealous!

BNC 12-11-2012 05:03 PM

Re: What makes you minimalist? (Picture thread!)
Its a monster of a table...6.5ft long and 4.5ft wide! I love it!

AfWife8405 12-11-2012 05:59 PM

Re: What makes you minimalist? (Picture thread!)
I'll share our bedroom since it is the nearest to perfection for me.

The white table on the far side of the bed only has a lamp and DH's alarm clock on it. The picture hanging above is a photo I took in a photography class in college. My side table has tissues, alarm clock/iphone dock and the lamp. The top drawer of the table has DH's stuff in it, its far from minimal so I don't even look in there. My drawer has a book, pen/paper, eye mask, lip balm & hand cream.

Ignore the wires, it's military housing and we have to work with what we have outlet wise. The two stools at the foot of the bed are where I sit to put laundry away in my dresser, where DH puts his boots on, etc. The pictures on my dresser are from our honeymoon. Then of course there is the TV, bluray and dvr box. If we ever get a family room/den this stuff would go in there instead. The frame on the wall is a fabric collage I made to tie the gray and yellow colors in the room together. That door goes into our bathroom.

Lastly, that is a clock hanging there on the left, which now that I think about it 3 clocks in one room is kinda silly. I put that one up before I had the clock on my side of the bed b/c DH turns his clock away from his face and then I can't see it. I think I am going to take that down. DH's dresser is in his closet. I don't look in there either. :giggle2: (My closet is is behind the door.) The frame with the numbers are the dates of significant days in our lives (our birthdays, when we started dating, when we got married and when DH joined the military.)

elizabeth.scalf 12-11-2012 08:26 PM

Re: What makes you minimalist? (Picture thread!)
I'll play as soon as my phone charges enough to take pictures! I'll even be brave enough to post some of my dumping ground! (*off to clean up the dumping ground so it doesn't look too bad*)

5PrincessMommy 12-11-2012 08:55 PM

Re: What makes you minimalist? (Picture thread!)
here is my 7 y/o and 2 y/o's room

elizabeth.scalf 12-11-2012 09:26 PM

Re: What makes you minimalist? (Picture thread!)
Kitchen table where we eat and work, kids' table in the background where they eat for breakfast, snacks, and lunch. There's also a rice box under the window. This room is bare otherwise.
Front office. The two boxes hold junk (one never unpacked from our move 2 yeras ago because I know it's just junk). Giant fish tank, and large fish tank that holds water for giant fish tank. Large fishtank will be disappearing soon. Bookcase is mostly DH's professional binders, books, notes, etc but needs LOTS of work.
Supposed to be a formal dining room but we don't use it as that. We use the floor to do art, and to play. The stuff in the corners is all sewing stuff, something I haven't tackled yet but will after new year.
Staging area for donations and boxes of trash that I clean out of rooms and bring downstairs to sort. This area NEVER gets clean for long.
Coat closet. Rather proud of this area, it has a few coats hanging in it, shopping bags, shoe rack on floor and not much else. I'm shopping around for coat hooks to install low down the back side of the door so kids can hang up their own coats.[
First picture is the large items in playroom - baby rocker, kitchen, rocking boat, bosu ball, bean bag chairs, bouncy horse, easel, giant stuffie, cradle,stuffied.

Second is view into closet where lots of things are kept out of reach. The shelves in closet hold books, those 3-drawer carts have smaller misc toys. On right on that pic is the one cubby shelf actually in the playroom with the small shoeboxes on them.
Guest room, usually a little neater than this but the kids got in there and tossed around some of my fabric. This room ideally shuld have just the bed, dresser, night table and lamp, and not the fishtank, crib mattress, and misc fabric all over the place.
Bonus room AKA dumping ground.
Master closet. Has come a long way, it still needs work but I know it's better than most people's so I don't sweat it.
Kitchen. This is the room I really make a huge effort to keep clean. I fee like I spend all week putting the odds and ends away in here and then DH comes home on weekends and brings all this new stuff into the house. I see how bad it looks though... ARGH!

Living room. This room is pretty bare but gets clutered fast with kids stuff, but is a breeze to put away. I need to move the Christmas storage back upstairs. And there's a box in the corner that has xmas gifts that I'm hiding in the closet tonight. The empty fishtank is going to disappear soon too, with all the stuff on top of it. And the mantel cords need tidying and the urn needs to be put upstairs. Other than that it's pared down as much as I want it to be.

I haven't done the master or the kids' bed since babes are sleeping and I can't turn on lights. Might get them tomorrow, those are actually some of the neatest rooms.

elizabeth.scalf 12-11-2012 09:51 PM

Re: What makes you minimalist? (Picture thread!)
Haha, I just went through and cleaned up the worst looking rooms based on the photos. Maybe I'll post updates at the end of the week since now I feel like purging and cleaning all week.

harmoni247 12-12-2012 12:02 AM

Re: What makes you minimalist? (Picture thread!)
I'm in :goodvibes:

My favorite area, because I love our old schoolhouse chairs and it's usually only 5 minutes away from clean.

standing behind the table, facing the opposite way (it's all one room), I don't really like this, I'd prefer a cozy seating area, but I'm deathly afraid of fire retardants, so we don't have any factory made couches or mattresses. One day, I hope to reupholster a vintage couch and replace the fire retardant soaked foam (their art table is on the right and my sewing table is on the left):

Their toy area on the other wall:

Their school can become a catch-all.....obviously:


On the open wall in the kitchen, our entry area...could use work :blush: :

Our room:

Kid's room (before the bed-making fairy comes...yes, we made up a fairy to make bed-making fun:

Kid's closet (all 3 of their clothes fit in that chest...they each get one bin, plus a communal PJ bin):

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