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Brittany1287 12-11-2012 01:28 PM

Oklahoma City Help
My hubby is getting transferred to El Reno, OK. My son is 3 and in a Christian Preschool and gets O.T. where we live in Arkansas now. Where is a good affordable place to live around OKC/El Reno and what schools are good etc?

Mags462 12-11-2012 05:07 PM

Re: Oklahoma City Help
I think it really depends on what you like in a community as to where i would recommend you live :goodvibes: maybe give me a list of 5 things you would like and i can be more helpful because i have found that what one person loves another person hates when it comes to the cities around here.

That said - if you want to stick to a Christian preschool/school environment for your child i can highly recommend Community Christian School in Norman, OK. I don't personally send my children there but i know several mothers who do and i have had many many in depth discussions with people regarding education and the various options available to me. I am really do love our elementary school, so i have no need to utilize the CCS schooling, but if i had to not use the public school system CCS is where i would send mind. There are many private schools in the OKC metro area - they are all religiously affiliated. I am not aware of any non-religious private schools.

Here are a few general suggestions:

Norman - higher property costs, very good schools, small town feel but lots of shopping options. OU is located here along with a large Sysco plant and a Postal Training center. Many IT jobs as well. Norman isn't anti-growth per say but they don't really encourage growth either. Very little crime, very clean city. I live here, so i won't gush too much about it - but not growing up here, but now raising my family in OK, there is no other place i would consider. It fits us perfectly.

Edmond - i have family here and they love it and wouldn't consider living in Norman :giggle: Edmond is sort of the "rich" city just north of OKC where a lot of the "commuters" in to OKC live. The real estate is actually a little less than in Norman, and a lot of the elementary schools there are top notch. A few are not, but like anywhere just check this out before you move in. Its a LOT bigger than Norman, and has more shopping options. It's much closer to OKC. Crime is not terrible there - but it has been climbing as the north side of OKC is blending in to the south sides of Edmond. In general though Edmond is ranked in a lot of prestigious "places to live in the USA" magazines and i think it won the #1 spot a few years back.

West OKC/Yukon/Piedmont - smaller and "up and coming" - i have family here as well in a small insular subdivision called "Surrey Hills"..... real estate here is booming and your dollars will go far. It's smaller than Edmond and has a some neat "plusses" about it. It doesn't have a ton in the town itself to shop at, but its a very short drive to most anything you could want. This will give you a much more "country" feel to living - which is a plus for some, negative to others.

Moore - about 10 min north of Norman, we Normanites call it our ugly big sister :giggle2: Seriously though, there are some great things about it. If Norman is "anti-growth" than Moore is "Pro-pro-pro growth"..... vary reasonable real estate costs, and new businesses are popping up like crazy! Their mayor is very proactive in getting businesses to set up shop there. We got Target first, but they got Five guys - now we both have on of each! ;) I personally find the city lay out a bit poor and the schools are VERY crowded. Not bad all around, but you will want to choose your neighborhood carefully. If all day K is important to you, Norman has started mandated all day K (you can opt for half day) on its own whereas in Moore its a lottery. 20 kids at each school get all day, the rest get half day. My best friend lives in Moore and prefers it to Norman.

If you want truly urban/downtown living "The Village" (which is a small community in the midst of OKC) is really your only accetable option. The rest of OKC proper is no place i would want to live. ESPECIALLY the south side. That's pretty over run with crime and gangs - nothing like NYC or Chicago obviously, but there is no way i would live there. if the news reports a serious crime - 9 times out of 10 its in OKC, and on the south side.

Midwest City/Del City is a popular choice for military families, but i also find the transient nature of the population to mean the sense of community is a bit lacking and i don't find those towns appealing. However, i know people who live there and like it - so to each their own.

Welcome to Oklahoma! :goodvibes:

Mags462 12-11-2012 05:08 PM

Re: Oklahoma City Help
Oh i just noticed the El Reno aspect of your post - for some reason i was thinking you were headed to Tinker as part of the Air Force :blush:

OK well El Reno is a bit "separate" from the OKC metro. I don't know tons about it - but with that as his place of work i would look seriously in to Yukon/Piedmont/Mustang..... i think the other areas i listed will be too far of a drive to make it worth it. :)

Brittany1287 12-22-2012 12:55 PM

Re: Oklahoma City Help
Thank you for your input :)

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