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Pixi6s 12-11-2012 08:05 PM

bought it
I have a WAHM made pull up that the waist is too big so I was thinking about trying to add another row of snaps to size it down. I don't want to spend a lot of money though, this might be the only thing I use it for.

If you have a hand full of size 20 snaps as well I would be willing to pay for them but the pliers is the investment that I am avoiding. I am wavering between needing 6 sockets and 6 caps, or 4 sockets, 4 studs, & 8 caps depending on how I am going to fix it. Color doesn't really matter its just to make the pull up usable.

I am dabbling a bit on making my own pull ups but they don't currently require snaps. I've thought about attempting a cover for #2 but it's not something that will get much use even so (I don't think) since we are velcro people it would only be if I attempt a OS.:giggle:

I do have paypal.

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