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KCmomma 12-14-2012 04:49 PM

Anyone else on lovenox? This will be my 3rd pregnancy on it and I'm thinking I might try to make patterns on my stomach with the injections. Gotta keep things interesting right?

7 for now 12-14-2012 05:50 PM

Not on it but I am a nurse and we always did 12-3-6-9-12 for a pattern.

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Emily Whited 12-14-2012 06:27 PM

I'm on it, I have had far less bruising this time around then last time, so I just try to find the least sensitive spot.

ajk0308 12-14-2012 07:22 PM

Re: Lovenox
Unfortunately yes I have been on Lovenox 2x already... No fun, I can't even give the shots to myself. My dh has to do it... I can't even watch it being done, i hide my face under pillows... lol Try to make a pretty picture, and good luck! :)

kittencndy 12-15-2012 10:29 PM

Re: Lovenox
Im on it due to a blood clot I had with my first pregnancy. Belly is too large now (29 weeks) so I inject in my thighs. I have a tattoo that covers my left thigh and try to inject in the small lines of non inked skin. For some reason I feel weird inserting an injection over a tattoo.

aaiya 12-15-2012 10:44 PM

Re: Lovenox
I'm gonna be in it postpartum.

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