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BiscuitFarmer 12-14-2012 11:31 PM

Hoping to join the WAHM ranks... some questions first.
First, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong area, but I felt this belonged here.

I'm hoping some of you lovely WAHMs wouldn't mind sharing your story with me. My questions regarding starting a business are mainly focused on the financial portion. How did you start? Pay out of pocket? Grants? Loans? What were the terms? How did you go about getting grants/loans (was a business plan required, interest rates, what are the terms for repayment, do you need to have a business license before getting the funds?). Biggest question, how much did you need to start up? With your initial startup funding, what did you buy right off hand? Did you have any financial training beforehand? Are you the only employee? About how long from start to finish did it take you? If you don't want this info out there for everyone to see, but don't mind sharing it with me, please PM me. I appreciate everyone who replies to this!

Also, how did you get started with the actual selling? Did you sell testers? Did you create a pattern yourself, or start with a free to sell from pattern online? Just general information please!

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