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jesslfar 12-15-2012 04:20 PM

Girls 0-3 and 3-6 mo, some nb
All items include pp fees, but not shipping costs unless noted I will add your choice of exact shipping to the totals. These all come from a smoke free, but pet friendly home.
pic #1
top row:
NB pjs all carters monkeys on left have a little more ww. All are from 1 child, line dried only but show typical fleece ww, no rips and stains just normal ww $3 for monkeys, $4 ea the others or all. Green apple swaddle nb size, this fit us up to 3 months, shows some pilling on the part where the velcro goes $2

Bottom row:

Left to right:
Halo sleep sack with swaddle, EUC does have a few pills common with these, line dried only. $7, pink cheetah swaddle nb-3 mos size this shows pilling on the part the velcro goes on as well $2, Like new bug swaddle pod nb sized $5 (only used twice), Carters 0-6 mos (only will fit up to 4 mos length wise IMO) sleep gown $4 has typical pilling from fleece, halo brand nb-3 mos sleep sac this had the swaddle wrap but it is gone so there are the patches these have to hold the swaddle on it's back EUC $3.

Picture 2:
Top row
All 0-3 mos outfits. Left to right :
Dwell studio purple 2 piece top EUC, Pants VGUC show ww $3
Carters purple 3 mo outfit $5
Dwell studio 2 piece w/brown pants both show ww and fading $1.50
Dwell studio pink 2 piece, top EUC. pants VGUC show ww $3

Bottom row:
All Gap 0-3 mos shirts. These are 3/4 sleeve and will fit a nb well too. They are all EUC $5 per shirt. or all 4 shirts for $15 Grey shirt reverses to stripes.
Picture 3
All 0-3 months rompers.
Left to right:
Carters 3 mo ladybug outfit, Hat EUC, outfit GUC has ww and fading $3
Gap 0-3 purple romper with reversible hat EUC $7
Gymboree VGUC puppy romper, has ww and some fading $5 0-3mo

Picture 4 all 0-3 mo

Left to right:
Old navy pink romper, vguc has a little ww $3
Gymboree dress and pants, EUC $10 0-3 mo
Gymboree panda blossom 3 piece 0-3 mos, pants and romper are EUC, top has a small hole on front and back from a tagging gun $6 for all 3 pieces.
old navy pink pjs 0-3 mo, has some ww and fading $2

Bottom row
Green swaddle would be euc but has a small section where the stitches came undone $1.50
monkey swaddle EUC $3
Both swaddles were line dried and used less than 2 mos, both are nb-3 mos

Picture 5 all 3-6 months all line dried only

top row:
left to right
Carters plaid top and pants 6 mos EUC $5
Hanna Andersson 60 cord dress EUC $10
Gymboree Cat coat $6 3-6 mo
Gymboree flitter flutter dress, comes with matching socks $6 3-6 mo

Bottom row:
Gymboree yellow giraffe dress, cannot remember if this was washed once or is NWOT 3-6 mos $8

Gymboree winter penguin polka dot dress NWT 3-6 mos $10
Girls gymbo for sale.

Pups and Kisses 3-6 mos nwt $7 both 3-6 nwt $8 nwt $5 3-6

Bright owl 02 nwt $7 $3 euc $6 EUC 3-6 3-6 euc $4 euc $4 3-6 3-6 $6 euc 3-6 mos $4 euc 3-6 mos has a tiny stain $5 Worn twice 0-3 $10

Sweet Treats EUC 3-6 $10 nwt 3-6 $4 3-6 mo $4 nwt worn twice 3-6 mos $5

Glamour Giraffe 0-3 EUC $10 EUC (shows a little fade) 0-3 $10 0-3 EUC $8 0-3 EUC $8 0-3 EUC $6 euc $3

Cute as a Mouse 0-3 EUC $7 nwt $7 3-6 mo 0-3 worn twice $6

Panda Academy euc $3 3-6 mos worn twice $5 these run big, no adjusted waist 3-6 nwt $5 runs small and was worn with the others at the same time euc $4 nwt 3-6 $5 3-6 mos EUC $4

Sweet Paris All items 0-3 and all are EUC except the sweater. I am not the first owner of the sweater and feel it is more vguc for ww typical of sweaters. nwot, I tried this on my baby and she hated it. $5

Winter penguin nwt 3-6 mos $7

Cheery all the way: 3-6 mos all worn twice $15 worn twice 3-6 mos $6 nwt $6 3-6 mos

Holiday Pictures
3-6 mos euc $7

Holiday traditions 0-3 EUC $10 Worn twice $5 0-3

Cozy Cutie these pants but in the light blue nwt 3-6 $3 nwt 3-6 $4 3-6 worn twice $9

Castle Princess 3-6 mos EUC $12

Cuddly lambs 0-3 mos. Pants have fading but I'm told were intended to. EUC $8 0-3 EUC $7

Panda Blossom These two pieces plus the matching onesie with bear on it all 0-3. No bear in overall pocket and the shirt has a small hole in front and back from a tagging gun, otherwise all 3 pieces are EUC $8 for the 3.

Glamour Kitty: EUC $8 0-3 EUC $9 0-3 EUC (starting to see just a tiny bit of ww) $8 0-3 EUC $8 EUC $3 0-3 EUC $5

Baby Giraffe 3-6 mos VGUC (ww, small amount of fading) $7 3-6 mo Washed but not worn. $9 Sweater EEUC, pants EUC, shirt vguc shows a little www pants and top 3-6 mo sweater 0-3 but ran big. Set is $13

EUC $3 Not sure these were worn $3

jesslfar 01-25-2013 10:17 PM

Re: Girls 0-3 and 3-6 mo, some nb
Bump. Will reduce prices for multiple puchases. I also have a thread of newborn aios and nb covers posted. I will be doing a girls size 4 and 5 soon.

jesslfar 01-25-2013 10:29 PM

Re: Girls 0-3 and 3-6 mo, some nb
Added more items.

Will now trade for RLR, Wet Bags, Bum Genius, Blueberries, flushable liners, an amber necklace, cloth safe diaper creams.

Ioanna502 01-26-2013 04:17 PM

Hi I just sent you a PM regarding several items that are listed and I am interested in

Thank you so much!

tamweber 02-03-2013 01:09 PM

Re: Girls 0-3 and 3-6 mo, some nb
Is the pink halo sleepsack with swaddle in the second row a small?

Dutchlish 02-07-2013 08:27 PM

Re: Girls 0-3 and 3-6 mo, some nb
I tried to pm you, but your inbox is full!

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