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divergirldee 12-16-2012 07:33 PM

for those of you who had "periods" during pregnancy...
If you had your "period" during pregnancy, did you also have spotting during the time you would have ovulated? Just wondering bc I had my "period" and then several days of spotting. I was clear for about 5 days, and I would have been expecting to ovulated yesterday/today/tomorrow and I had one wipes worth of spotting (consistent with my ovulation spotting). So just wondering if hat's normal for women who ge their "periods" to also have their regular ovulation spotting too, or if it's just more pregnancy spotting. I am 6 1/2's been a roller coaster already with all the bleeding, they told me I was having a miscarriage, but I never passed anything and 3 weeks later I'm still testing pos and belly's swelling (3rd pregnancy, so I already look 12 weeks). I'll have an u/s in January.

chandni3 12-16-2012 07:42 PM

Re: for those of you who had "periods" during pregnancy...
Perhaps it's just old blood from the period spotting? Or sex can cause spotting too. I don't know if you'd have ovulation spotting because you wouldn't be ovulating, but then you said you had a period which of course isn't normal either. Do they do any ultrasound? I've heard of people having periods while pregnant but it could also be a sub-chorionic hemotoma. Or, vanishing twin, or low progesterone, or, well, lots of things. Have you had beta's drawn? Spotting in the beginning is quite normal from what I heard. Lots of good wishes for you little one.

Green Decals 12-16-2012 10:08 PM

Re: for those of you who had "periods" during pregnancy...
With my second baby (3rd pregnancy, lost a spontaneous set of triplets in my 2nd pregnancy, so I completely understand the roller coaster!) I had a period for the first 6 months. I had implantation spotting, pink/brown, super light, then got my period at about 6 weeks, when it normally would have come anyway. It was maybe 3/4 the flow of my regular period, and lasted 4-6 days, tapering off just like a normal period would. I continued to get it every 4 weeks, when it normally would have come, until my 7th month, when I didn't get anything. My son was born at exactly 40 weeks, on his "due date" and was over 10 pounds, incredibly healthy, born at home, and perfect. I am prego with baby #3 now and only had implantation spotting this pregnancy, like with my 1st baby.

divergirldee 12-17-2012 08:41 AM

Re: for those of you who had "periods" during pregnancy...
When I was bleeding a lot I went to the er bc I was really lightheaded and they did an u/s, but I was just 4wks and they couldn't see anything. They ran my beta level ad it was 95. I talked with my mw and she said that not seeing anything at 4 wks and 95 at 4wks were both normal. The er and mw were both thinking m/c then bc of the bleeding. I will have another u/s in January when we can be sure to see a heartbeat. I don't have insurance, so if I'm forking out money, I don't want to have to come back for another if they aren't able to find a hb. My mw said that after 7wks everyone should be able to see a hb.

I was just curious if other ladies who exprienced regular bleeding during heir period times would also have regular spotting during the time they'd ovulate too.

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