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kelly679 12-17-2012 11:25 AM

If you use flats with a heavy wetter, how do you make it work?
My family is going on vacation for 2 weeks. My 2 year old J is a heavy drinker and pee'r. She also has large, gross poops. DH wanted to put the babies in paper diapers but the only one J can tolerate is expensive. I tried her overnight and she peed out of it. (with a PUL cover over bc im worried about exploding poo like we had when she was in sposies) If I use a PUL cover over and she still leaks, whats the point? I'm thinking about using our flat diapers and covers. (fleece for E who is allergic to pul but can use any sposie fine) J normally needs to be changed every 2 hours in a pocket or AIO.

How do you make flats work for your heavy wetter? Do you use them for naps and bedtime? I'll have 4 hemp flats, thinking about trying two of those with a doubler for night. (j's normal night diaper is a bumbo with a stay dry liner and fleece cover. Those may dry in one load, i'm going to see) I can only bring things that will dry in 1 load in the dryer. Plan to wash every other day.

Melinda29 12-17-2012 11:31 AM

Re: If you use flats with a heavy wetter, how do you make it work?
Padfolding, so there are 12 layers in the wetzone. Also using a thick, high quality brand.

We use flats (well, preflats made from flats) day and night with my heavy wetter. We use a small one padfolded inside a large one af night. During the day, we use one large padfolded and change every 2-3 hours.

IME, good quality padfolded flats outperform pockets and AIOs any day of the week, and I have tried a LOT of different brands of pockets and AIOs.

meljc 12-17-2012 11:36 AM

Re: If you use flats with a heavy wetter, how do you make it work?
I've been doing trial runs with flats at home in preparation for our two-week trip :-)

We seem to be having success at night with a pocket stuffed with a large, unbleached cotton pad-folded flat (I bought blueberry since they are serged) combined with a small bamboo or hemp 2-layer insert (I have AMP, but they look similar to little weeds and sbish flats). I wouldn't trust a regular 2-layer doubler with a single flat.

I also got two fleece sleepers to use for PJ's, providing a tiny bit more leak protection than cotton.

kelly679 12-17-2012 12:06 PM

Re: If you use flats with a heavy wetter, how do you make it work?
See we have cheap $1 flats. I was wondering it that would be an issue. I ordered 4 of Osocozy flat diapers to try. I could probably swing 2 doz diaper rite flats, but that would have to be it. I cashed in stash cash to order 3 hemp flats, 4 osocozys, and 3 bigger weed hemp weeds to supplement what we have. I have probably 2 small weed hemp weeds, 4 thick bamboo inserts (cant remember from who but these suckers are great) a ton of small hemp doublers some made by me, 1 hemp flat, maybe a dozen flour sack towels.

Meljc- Im doing the same thing today. I'm trying to use the flats and lay ins we might take with us to see how well they dry. We'll be in a hotel room so laundry will be expensive and kind of a pain. Good idea on the fleece jammies! Too warm for us though.

meljc 12-17-2012 12:16 PM

Re: If you use flats with a heavy wetter, how do you make it work?
Are you planning to line dry? I'm hesitant to bring hemp because I understand that it doesn't dry well in humidity above 8% (per Mother-Ease and Wadoozle).

If you are buying any new flats, I have read that unbleached are more absorbent than bleached.

If fleece jammies are too warm, what about an inexpensive upcycle wool soaker over her usual pocket or cover? If you use roomy 1-piece pajamas, this should work well for insurance.

kelly679 12-17-2012 03:15 PM

Re: If you use flats with a heavy wetter, how do you make it work?
Nope i'm planning on using the dryer, since we will be in a hotel. I'll probably hang the PUL covers to dry. Thats why everything has to be dry in just one load in the dryer. Dh and I arnt going to want to sit in the laundry room for multiple dries! (although he's working mornings so maybe i will want to sit alone in the laundry room lol. You put the kids to bed dear. .) I dont have any wool :) I'm too addicted to CD as is, i havent started wool. Thats alll i need!!

thirdtimemomma 12-17-2012 03:17 PM

I used preemie pfs as doublers.. or if you don't have time to order use MF shop towels as doublers.

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lynn97 12-17-2012 04:07 PM

The only way flats work for DS is paired with a large Thirsties hemp insert. We use large Diaper Rite flats; he has outpeed the Osocozys and small Diaper Rites for a long time. DS is 17 months old and also drinks a lot. We use Flips and Capris.

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FriedaT 12-17-2012 04:46 PM

We use GMD large UB flats with a variety of doublers inside including newborn or small prefolds trifolded, Thirsties hemp inserts, and small or large flats padfolded that are either GMD, Diaper Rite, or OsoCozy.

For nights we use a large GMD flat folded like a prefold, Thirsties hemp insert large inside, and another large GMD flat padfolded on top all fastened around DD.

I really only use my DR and OC flats for doublers as they're not as absorbent as my GMDs. My DD is 18 months and a heavy wetter.

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