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tibeca 12-18-2012 10:55 PM

How do you when you've exceeded the "we're still adjusting to this new baby" and have approached the "ppd" level. I now realize that with my 2nd, I had bad ppd. I didn't even see it for what it was. I was so over stressed, I had so much guilt and was just a mess.

I now worry that I'm going to look back on this and see the same thing. DD3 is now nearly 4 months old. I still feel like I'm struggling. What is "normal" struggling to adjust and what is more than that?

sisu 12-19-2012 12:31 AM

I think that if you're wondering, you should talk to your care provider about it. :hugs:, mama.

bcb1961 12-19-2012 07:39 AM


I didn't realize I had PPD (relatively mild) until my DD was 11 months old. With my next child (currently pregnant) I will try to recognize it earlier.

I think the fact that your LO is 4 months and you are asking this question, means you should see someone. You might then decide you want to wait longer before doing anything, but at least you would already have an Rx/referral/whatever else you needed.

canadianbakers 12-19-2012 07:58 AM


Originally Posted by MarchMama2010 (Post 16059749)
I think that if you're wondering, you should talk to your care provider about it. :hugs:, mama.

:yeahthat: I think so too.

I had quite bad ppd with our first baby. A lot of it was situational, I think, but it was really tough and we nearly didn't make it through it together. :(

I have had the normal weepy days, "baby blues", with the rest of the babies, but nothing like it was with her.

I think if you're not sure, if you're feeling off and questioning "how bad is it supposed to be before it's ppd", then you are dealing with it all ready to some extent and should go talk to someone.
The difference between my experiences (ppd vs. normal hormonal blues) was night-and-day - it didn't feel the same and didn't make me wonder or question.

:hugs: mama. ppd is no joke. it's so tough. but recognizing that something is happening, being aware of it, is a good sign! just go talk to someone and get the help you need to get through it - whether that be some meds for a while, or just talking to someone. Good luck!

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