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Brits 12-21-2012 10:08 AM

Sold, please delete
I used these for a little over a year, but they haven't held up very well. Washed in Charlie's and mostly line dried. The aplix on the cover barely holds, it's a great candidate for snap conversion. The soakers are coming apart around the leg elastic, as you can see in the pic. Otherwise these work ok, the PUL is fine and the soakers are absorbent with no stink issues.

I'm asking $10 ppd. Now $8ppd!!!!

I also have a Bumcheeks OS Denim AIO. I didn't use it a whole lot, but the outside is faded some. It comes with a medium Fuzzibunz insert for the pocket inside. It's a cute diaper.

$7 ppd. Now $6ppd!!!

$12 for all!

Check out my other listings here:

Will discount for multiple purchases.

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Bump, MMAO!

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