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debmom2boyz 12-26-2012 12:47 PM

changes-dh will be working, too
Dh has been a stay at home dad since our 6yo (he just turned 6 on 12/22) was born. He did work part-time the entire time.

He started working on his degree about 2 years ago. A few weeks ago my principal asked if he would be interested in substitute teaching--our technology teacher will either be out 2 weeks or a month. He has enough credits to substitute.

He starts on Jan. 2. YEAH! We could really, really use the extra money. His part-time work brings in about 120 a week (on a good week).

My dh does a lot around the house---since he was home. I'll be working on freezer meals and setting up a cleaning schedule, as we'll all need to help.

I'm praying this is a good fit for dh. This will give him experience and with him being in the system, might help him find a teaching job (Fall 2014). We'll be working at the same place, and our son is in kindergarten at the same school.

This is a huge transition for all of us. Any tips or suggestions??? We haven't both worked full-time hours since June 2006!!!

abunchoflemons 12-26-2012 01:30 PM

Re: changes-dh will be working, too
Try not to stress out. My parents both worked for the same district for yrs then one gt better job at another. Unless you are like my mom....control issues its ok to not have everything in place all the time. 6 yr old can help too with folding small things, put away his clothes/ toys. You guys as parents can split other things kid can't help out with. Once kid is bigger u can have house spotless... I used to work part time only summers & it was nice but not in my degree area. It was a bit stressful but again if things are put away & all help with things it goes very easily.

Psychomom 12-26-2012 04:18 PM

Re: changes-dh will be working, too
I went from SAHM for 7 years to part-time to my current 35 hours a week. The biggest hurdle I have encountered was that since my work hours gradually increased over a few years, I always kept the burden of the majority of the housework on me (my husband has always been great at helping, though) and being 100% responsible for all of the kids and all of their sports and activities. I kept it up for several months, but I was cranky and resented my husband without realizing it. When I faced that I really couldn't do it all and finally asked for help, things got better. It sounds like you are already anticipating have to step up at home more, so that's good. That was my biggest problem.

debmom2boyz 12-26-2012 04:48 PM

Re: changes-dh will be working, too
I have an amazing dh, he has really picked up the slack and does a lot of the cleaning.

I'm looking at recipes/tips for meals. The nice thing about him being home is that dinner was made since he was here. He doesn't go to work until 6, so he was able to make dinner.

We are a one car family, so we leave by 7am; drop of ods to school and then to my work. We usually get there about 7:40. That gives me an 1 hour before my students come. DH will more than likely go to the class he is subbing in to get ready for the day. Not sure if our son will stay with me or go with him.

We'll be getting home between 5-5:30. We'll need a strict meal planning menu to hold us all accountable. I'm thinking about freezer meals; easy/quick meals--but still healthy!

Lunches---we'll pack the night before (if all 4 of us buying--my younger son LOVES school lunches (yuck--but he eats all of it).

We'll have to become more routine friendly (we are so not scheduled/list type of people). I don't want to be stressed out, my job is stressful enough!

Arabesque 12-26-2012 05:05 PM

I've really had to learn to let go. Not everything is clean, and sometimes I just make scrambled eggs for dinner, but it works.

For meals, keep it as simple as possible, and prep the night before. That way you can spend more time with the family than trying to make a complicated dinner. Also, prep snacks and breakfasts on the weekends.

DH and I split the kids and kitchen duty each night. Kid duty includes bath and bed for the kids as well as tidying up the toys. Kitchen duty is washing dishes and making lunches for the next day.

I've been back at work since September, and while I'm still adjusting it is getting better.

luvsviola 12-28-2012 02:45 PM

The house will be messy. Not every meal will be perfect. Stuff will get procrastinated til the weekend. But...10 years from now none of that will matter. :).

Good luck mama!

cobbermama 12-28-2012 02:53 PM


Originally Posted by luvsviola
The house will be messy. Not every meal will be perfect. Stuff will get procrastinated til the weekend. But...10 years from now none of that will matter. :).

Good luck mama!

Yep! :)

Van1300 01-05-2013 07:25 PM

Re: changes-dh will be working, too
I'm going back to work next week after maternity leave with my DS. My DH stayed home with my now 3 yr old DD, he went to school. He is now also working full time so we are in the same boat. 2 kids in daycare. 2 adults working full time.

For meals, I make ahead oatmeal in mason jars to take to work with me. My DD eat frozen pancakes or waffled with berries on top or cereal every morning. DH takes a muffin and a banana. For lunch, we pack bento style with leftovers the night before. For dinner, we will be using the crock pot twice a week and making simple things like soup/salad, lettuce wraps, french bread pizza, and breakfast for dinner. I have about 20-25 ideas of things we like for dinner that take 15 min or less to cook once prepped (which things like defrosting and marinating can be done while we're at work).

debmom2boyz 01-06-2013 09:30 AM

Re: changes-dh will be working, too
Well we only actually had two mornings of craziness! Odds was sick on Friday, I gt to stay home with him. Dh has been home for 6 years so he usually takes to dr.

We have to get up earlier and pack most of the lunches the night before. I already made ahead ziti and will be making soup. The house is a wreck, so we'll be cleaning it today.

HeatherM0529 01-06-2013 09:36 AM

Re: changes-dh will be working, too
I highly recommend a crockpot. You can throw everything in it the night before and put in fridge and then throw it in there to cook in the morning and you'll have dinner ready when you get home!
The great thing about a crock pot is the food that goes in takes VERY little prep.

Things like a roast you literally throw in the roast, potatoes/carrots, cream of mushroom soup and french onion soup/dip mix with a little water and turn it on! Crock pot meals are super easy!

I've never been in your boat, but I wish you luck!!!
I DON'T work and my house is messy and dinner isn't always ready so you're ahead of me ;)

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