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MyM&W 12-26-2012 01:38 PM

Is this normal discharge?
I'm 15+1 and just since I woke up 6hrs ago I've had two decent (little bigger then a pea) sized light green mucus balls come out of my vagina...tmi but the first one happened when I was on my hands and knees this am vacuuming up pine needles (in pj pants with no undies haha!) and I stood up and felt something wet on my leg below me knee :headscratch: I went to my room to see wth it was and sound what looked like a massive booger on my leg. Barf. Def was vaginal. I did not smell it. I've been way to nauseous today. It just happened again, I'm walking on the treadmill and stopped to use the bathroom and after I wiped there was another one! Both are light green. I don't have itching, burning...
I did however have a TON of vaginal pressure yesterday to the point standing was painful. You know those bad periods you get that cause pressure that feels like you've been punched a million times in the vag? Yeah it was that bad. :( today I did wake up with a lower back ache, and have been pretty crampy on my left side.
I'm sure I'm fine..but wanted other opinions...what is this discharge from!?

mommy2fourmunchkins 12-26-2012 01:45 PM

Probably a little over cautious here, but I'd at least call in. Vaginal discharge can change colors, consistency, etc like crazy during pregnancy but I've always been told green is not normal, while yellowish, white, clear are. The cramping and lower back pain would be a bit worrisome (but I've had losses and preemies so I'm paranoid!)

mommajewels 12-26-2012 01:55 PM

Re: Is this normal discharge?
Yes, it's normal. I experienced it for the very first time earlier in this pregnancy (my 6th) and called my MW because I was afraid it was a sign of infection. She said as long as there is no odor or discomfort down south, it was fine. It's happened a few times sporatically throughout my pregnancy, but there has never been any odor or discomfort. All of my urine checks have been clean, as well as my pap (done at 17wks, after the first episode of mucous) and again, there's never been any other concerns. It's gross and annoying, but so long as it's not accompanied by other symptoms, it's just excess mucous discharge... with an interesting color. :/

abunchoflemons 12-26-2012 02:01 PM

Re: Is this normal discharge?
I think norm. I had similar with both my other 2 & a bit so far this 3rd time here & there even when I wipe. Mine come & go then I haven't had any known miscarries or anything. As time went on it was more clear then closer to delivery was tinged with red.....

MyM&W 12-26-2012 02:50 PM

Thanks for the responses mamas. I did call in and the doc said it didn't sound urgent but I could go in for a check anyway, but since I'm not having any infection symptoms I'm going to wait. I have an appointment on Friday anyway :)

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