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Mommyto2B2G 12-28-2012 02:12 PM

Weight Gain
What is the average or normal amount to gain by 20 weeks?

Would you be concerned if your still losing weight and not at your pre-pregnancy weight by 20 weeks? I keep losing. I lost 5 lbs this week. I was a little chubby when I began pregnancy but I've been sick and had stomach issues this whole pregnancy. I am going to a G.I. in a couple days but I can't help but worry this isn't good for baby. I eat, in fact I force myself to eat a normal amount and I've been tracking cals to make sure I get enough in. What else can I do? I have an aversion to most foods but I'd love to hear if anyone had any good ideas about what to eat. Am I making a big deal out of nothing?
I've never had these issues before. In all my other pregnancies I gained 20 and 1 I gained 25. I am aiming for at least that this time as well.

evasimone 12-28-2012 03:13 PM

Re: Weight Gain
I think your worry is justified. 5 lbs in one week is a lot, especially since you don't know the cause and its an unexplained trend of weight loss. I hope you get answers.

Christylkeller 12-28-2012 04:09 PM

Re: Weight Gain
Are you still sick momma? With my 1st 3 pregnancies I had HG well past 20 weeks and didn't gain anything until the last trimester. And even then I gained 14, 12 and 9 lbs respectively. This pregnancy I haven't been nearly as sick, didn't loose any weight and at 29 weeks have only gained 3 lbs. My OB isn't concerned as I have plenty of extra weight hanging around. Is your OB/midwife concerned? Have you lost more than 20% of your pregnancy weight? Hopefully the GI can give you some reassurance.

delicatefade 12-28-2012 04:17 PM

Re: Weight Gain
Awe, so sorry you are having issues! As much as I hate that I have gained 20 pounds at 25 weeks, I will take that any day over such extreme weight loss! I hope you get some answers soon

keen1981 12-28-2012 04:20 PM

If I was overweight to start with, I likely would not worry. But 5lbs in a week is huge.

Mommyto2B2G 12-28-2012 04:48 PM

Re: Weight Gain
5 lbs in a week is why I'm really concerned. I want to gain, I feel very crappy.

I am sick. I have been since the beginning of my pregnancy but pregnancy made issues I was having before hand worse. I've even been in the ER for pain a couple times. Food in general and everything about it makes me sick. There are alot of things going on with it and I have symptoms of a bigger issue so I'm hoping there is an answer.

I have seen my doctor twice so far in my pregnancy and I will see her again in 4 or 5 weeks. I don't really like her or trust her so I figured I'd stick with going to the G.I. first and see if I can get some answers on other issues I have going on. Once I have that info I will fill her in. I don't want to be at the OB I am at but I pretty sure I will have a chance to change soon since we may be moving.

I'm not sure if I've lost 20% yet but I check into that. Wow, so that sounded vague. lol I didn't mean to. I just don't want to assume things yet with what is going on without knowing what it really is. I figured 5 in a week is big because I have been careful to make sure I at least get an extra 300 cals in for baby. Anyone have any healthier fattening foods you love??? I really like avacado and have been trying to get those in a lot.

delicatefade 12-28-2012 05:00 PM

Re: Weight Gain
Fats aren't really fattening. Try carbs for weight gain!

MommaLEB 12-28-2012 08:18 PM

Re: Weight Gain
I'm still a few pounds below prepregnancy weight because of HG. I'd definitely get checked out, but try not to worry too much yet. If you're able to eat and drink normally it's probably just a fluke.

Kiliki 12-28-2012 08:58 PM

Re: Weight Gain

Originally Posted by MommaLEB (Post 16088326)
I'm still a few pounds below prepregnancy weight because of HG. I'd definitely get checked out, but try not to worry too much yet. If you're able to eat and drink normally it's probably just a fluke.


And sometimes we can carry a lot more water weight than we think.

Drinking more water helps flush fat and excess water from the body = weight loss. Sometimes a lot in a short period of time.

If you've been really diligent about your hydration and then on top of that eaten a ton of fiber this week AND been sick it could explain such a big loss so fast.

Obviously, still get checked out. But, honestly, if you are eating healthy foods, not obsessing about your weight (like, working out everyday for 3 hours or something drastic and unusual), your body GENERALLY will do what it needs to in order to grow a healthy baby.

Another thing to consider is, are you eating healthier since you became pregnant? If so, it could be your body adjusting to a new, healthier diet. It would mean you have less fat left over to store (or none) and so your body is burning some stored fat to grow the baby.

Anyway, I agree with the poster who said that if you were overweight to begin with, I would not worry a lot about it. Just make sure you are eating healthy, and an appropriate amount of calories, and you *should* be fine, unless you have some sort of rare condition or something.

I know of a handful overweight women who became pregnant, began eating a very healthy diet, and lost weight throughout their pregnancy, and wound up weighing LESS after giving birth than they did when they became pregnant. It's not typical, but it does happen.


baby1577 12-29-2012 01:51 AM

Re: Weight Gain
I am glad your seeing a doctor soon just in case there is something going on. If it makes you feel any better, I was 3 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight when I delivered my TWINS at 33 weeks. Baby will get what he needs!! Praying you get answers soon and stop feeling so miserable.

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