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Mami4Life 12-30-2012 04:22 PM

Here are a list of the diapers I have left:

3 - OS Pocket Diapers by Tail End Designs $15 each By two get the third half off
1 - Purple Coolababy OS AIO $7 Now $5
5 - Medium Daisy Prints FBs $12 each Buy 4 and get the 5th half off.
4 - Medium BGs $12 each Buy 3 get the 4th one half off
5 - Large BGs $15 each Buy 4 get the 5th half off.
8 - DoodleDandi Diapers, Leopard , Pink Hearts and Purple Hearts $7 each Buy 2 get the 3rd half off or Buy all 8 for the price of 7.

All pictures can be found below with detailed descriptions. And all offers will be fairly considered.

I have a huge lot of diapers that I need to sell. I am selling my entire stash as I wont be having any more children for a very long time. I have a mixture of diapers all of which have been well loved and well taken care of. I've taken pictures of all diapers in groups. Prices vary. I believe there are only a couple of diapers with staining and such, but otherwise all diapers are great condition with no leaking. Please see pictures and message me with any questions. Shipping will depend on the quantity of diapers you buy. I am flexible on prices however I feel my prices are reasonable considering shipping and quality of diapers, so don't hesitate to ask if you feel my price is too high. I just need to sell these quick as I'm moving and need the funds and will not be having another baby for a long time. Thank you for looking!

Here are six diapers by Tail End Designs. 3 M/L Trimsies AI2. The green is cotton valour, the others are bamboo valour. The bottom three are OS Pockets with stain free prefold insert. I used bamboo velour liners inside of these diapers as you can see from the pictures (including the liners with diapers) so there are no stains on any of them. Elastics are all in great condition as well. The other 3 are OS pocket diapers. They have a prefold for the inserts, no staining. And the material used on the inside is an athletic breathable material that allows the moisture to be pulled away and babys bottom to feel dry. Asking $15 PPD OBO per diaper as they are heavy to ship and like new.

Three Trimsies (top row) SOLD

These four are Thirsties Fitteds in a Size 2 OS. There are no stains or smells on these diapers. They are like new and only used late at night before bed. Asking $7 PPD each


This next diaper is just a random AIO that I purchased off ebay to try as true AIO's were hard to find and I love AIO's. There is no staining or leaking or issues with elastic. Like new condition. Asking $7 PPD

These next 5 are FB size Medium. The insides are like new on all, still nice and soft. The red is the only one with great use as I bought it used and it has slight staining. All come with inserts which are same quality as the diaper. asking $12 PPD each.

These next 4 are BumGenius size medium AIO's. There is no staining or smell. The elastic is still great on all of them as well. I did however have three converted to snaps as I prefer snaps when she started learning how to unhook her diapers. As you can see in the picture one has had the brand tag cut off. Asking $12 PPD each.

These next 5 are BunGenius size Large. These were all purchased brand new by me and used for a very short time as my daughter learned to use the potty very quickly after purchasing them. There are no stains or elastic issues. Velcro still works great, etc. Asking $15 PPD each.

This next diaper is my last remaining FB OS pocket. I stopped using it very early on but held onto it because I really loved the type of diaper just prefered AIO's for ease at daycare. I did find the extra elastic that goes to it. It's in otherwise great condition. No staining at all. Includes same quality insert. Asking $7 PPD


This next 11 diapers are all in great condition as well. They are the DoodleDandi OS pocket diapers. They each have two inserts. One insert was never used. The others are still in great quality. Asking $7 PPD each.

Green Dipe SOLD

Orange and Yellow SOLD

One of the purple does have faint staining but no leaking issues or anything.

The green does have faint staining but no other issues.

Brand new inserts for each diaper. Never used. There is one insert already inside each diaper.

Here I have a large amount of Prefolds and inserts. There are three different types here. I have the indian prefolds on the far left (they are smaller in size) and there are 6 of them and they were only used as inserts when more was needed. Asking $7 PPD for this set. The ones in the middle, I'm not sure of the brand as I bought them used. One has some black staining on it that I do not know where it came from, was there when I purchased them. All work great with no issues. I used these at night time with a cover and had absolutely no leaks. My daughter was a heavy wetter at night and would overflow every other diaper I used but these. There are approximately 11 of these. Asking $15 PPD for this set. The ones on the far right are home made inserts for my GDiapers. There are 12 of them. They have bamboo velour on the top and I forgot what the other is made of but they are super absorbent and were made to fit in the gdiapers. My daughter got sick and became allergic to the disposable inserts so we had these made. Asking $15 PPD for this set.

Gdiaper Inserts SOLD

All prefolds SOLD

This next picture is all of my covers. There are 6 total covers. 4 are DoodleDandi OS covers with the double guesset, one has snaps, the rest are velcro. Asking $5 PPD each. 2 of them (top center) are Thirsties size 2 OS 9-36 months 18-40 pounds. Asking $7PPD each. One is velcro and one is snaps. And then I have 1 large brand new Gpant. It also comes with one extra liner. Asking $8 PPD.


Bamboo velour liners (extras I had). There are 9 total. One does have a slight stain on it. Asking $5 PPD for all 9.


5 travel wetbags. First three are Kushies, fourth is Planet Wise and fifth is Bummis. All still work like new. Asking $5 PPD each.

Far Left Kushies and Planet Wise SOLD

Remaing Wetbags SOLD

Picture below is the Rumparooz Newborn Diaper. Brand new never used, never opened. Asking $20 PPD. The other is a brand new FB newborn/XS diaper. Also never used. Asking $20 PPD.

Lil Joeys SOLD

Everything pictured above is in these three containers at this time.

grahamcracker 12-30-2012 10:43 PM

Re: FB, BumGenius and More-Girly
Sending you in a PM.

Mami4Life 01-02-2013 08:07 PM

Re: FB, BumGenius and More-Girly

Blake10 01-02-2013 08:49 PM

Re: FB, BumGenius and More-Girly
would you take $5 for the one buttercream fb?

sjacob2510 01-04-2013 06:57 PM

Re: FB, BumGenius and More-Girly
A friend of mine had inquired about the Large gdiaper for me that you have for sale and she said you weren't sure how to send an invoice through pp. I can explain how to do it... on pc: when you log into pp go to request money then to create an invoice. on mobile: same as on pc only instead of going to create an invoice it loads it up automatically. I do want the gdiaper my pp is

Mami4Life 01-05-2013 10:42 AM

Re: FB, BumGenius and More-Girly

Mami4Life 01-06-2013 12:48 PM

Re: FB, BumGenius and More-Girly

Mami4Life 01-07-2013 07:38 PM

Re: FB, BumGenius and More-Girly

Mami4Life 01-09-2013 04:29 PM

Re: FB, BumGenius and More-Girly

Mami4Life 01-12-2013 09:21 PM

Re: FB, BumGenius and More-Girly

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