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texasmama86 01-01-2013 05:00 PM

new help!!
hi ive been a member for about a year but not very active. im trying to figure this site out but am very overwhelmed! every link just has more links and i am not figuring ne thing out! i would like to message people who are messaging me about buying diapers and wht not but am not allowed until i make 6 posts. what counts as a post? if there is a general rules page please direct me to it, like i said all im finding r links to links and am getting overwhelmed. thankyou!

~happy2Bamommy~ 01-02-2013 06:59 PM

Re: new help!!
There is a threads tickied to this forum that will contain all the info you need :goodvibes: Look for the one that says "How to buy,Sell, and Trade"

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