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MyLil'Mountaineers 01-01-2013 09:25 PM

tubal regret and reversal. need major support.
I have been blessed with five children (four are with me a.d one angel). I did not have the easiest pregnancies. I had gd with all of them and severe gd with the last two. My last baby was a preemie because of the complications of gd. I was so frightened by this that I signed the papers for a tubal.
It has been the worst decision I've ever made. I now have PTLS and have been put on bcp just to have a normal cycle. The pain and frustration of this just increases the depression I feel about my decision to have a tubal.
Prior to the tubal, I was not a supporter of birth control. I wanted the decision to be left up to God. The decision of the tubal was forced on me by the scare tatics of an OBGYN who works with my dr. My OBGYN questioned my decision when he found out.
Anyway, I just want to hear stories of reversals, good and bad. Even if the only thing I get out of the reversal is relief from PTLS, it will be so worth it.

Thanks for "listening"!!!

homebirthmom 01-01-2013 09:29 PM

Re: tubal regret and reversal. need major support.
I dont have a story but I have hugs and words... I would keep looking into your feelings and seeing how you can reverse it, if you so wish to do so. i think by informing yourself with as much info as possible, it will help you move forward.
I do know several people who have been on the fence of this and most didnt do it cause of the what ifs. mainly, what if they suddenly wanted to have another. most never did but liked the freedom to make that decision.

in your case I can understand why you made that decision. when under stress we make rash decisions. now that you are not pregnant the sadness is kicking in, the reality of maybe never having another which could be the safest for you but also the most depressing. I am saying this cause I will not sugar coat. most woman want control over their bodies and now you cannot do that. decide if you want to change that and if its possible or if you can find some peace in what has happened :)

mhaddon 01-07-2013 09:47 PM

Re: tubal regret and reversal. need major support.
If you want to pm me it sounds like we have a lot in common :hugs: I had 4 c/s and signed for one. I have PTLS as well and it is hell. I hate living like this and want it reversed so I can enjoy my children. I am doing the best I can diet wise to control a lot of the symptoms because my next option is a hysterectomy :( Which I DO NOT want. I just wish I had stuck to bc pills or a mirana or something. I still struggle almost 3 years after and keep praying for a miracle for the symptoms to go away and a miracle to happen. I feel like a deranged woman.

agardenfull 01-10-2013 01:01 PM

Re: tubal regret and reversal. need major support.
Feel free to PM me, had TL, PTLS and TR.:hugs:

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