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mrspopo 01-02-2013 12:35 AM

Have you gotten rid of too much?
I love how much progress we've made and how much calmer our space is. But I have found the occasional problem of not having spares of things. Like if I need some bowls for a yucky project, or towels or something. Or having spare containers to send leftovers home with other people. That sort of thing. Anyone find they don't have stuff to spare? I used to have mismatched sets of things and didn't mind losing something for a good cause.

Turn a sheet into a ghost with eye-holes? Heck no!

clothlover8 01-02-2013 01:42 AM

Re: Have you gotten rid of too much?
lol I thought about this when I first started and I honestly thought that I would be looking for things like that and it would be frustrating but I can honestly say no, I haven't. I think the reason why is because my attachment to stuff just isn't the same, so I am not too bothered if I send a bowl home with someone with leftovers etc and it doesn't come back it's no big deal.
I have kept a small drawer under my sink cupboard which holds some older teatowels, towels, bits and pieces which I can grab to use for things like dh asking for a barbecue rag or whatever it is easy because it's not all over the house, I don't have to dig around cupboards for it, I know it's there and when I declutter I keep the "better looking" but excess things to put in this little drawer.
Also because I am constantly looking for things to declutter Lol I am not afraid to go and raid a drawer and grab an older sheet etc if I need it or something.
I also think for me because part of my motivation to declutter is to make my life easier and simpler I am not so into doing crafts and things as I used to be so there is less likelihood I will be looking for an old sheet to stick down for painting in the first place if that makes sense.

solarbabies 01-02-2013 03:18 AM

Re: Have you gotten rid of too much?
I have been working on decluttering for almost a yr now. So far I have yet to miss something I got rid of. One thing we tend to do when decluttering stuff that we aren't sure of is keep it for a bit, but in a box or a bag out of sight. If we don't need anything out of it for x amount of time then we get rid of it. That has worked great for kids clothes, toys, and dishes.

jaelynsmommy61607 01-02-2013 04:27 AM

I still keep bad towels and good towels. With kids you really have too imo. Plus we use the bad ones for the floor in the bathroom. The one thing I did need was my hair dye shirt I thew out. LOL I don't dye my hair anymore and when my mom was over on Christmas she needed it.

meeshkasheeba 01-02-2013 09:59 PM

Re: Have you gotten rid of too much?
I haven't gotten rid of a single thing that I have missed at this point. That doesnt mean I won't but so far it hasn't been a problem. We kind of do the same as a PP and keep something for a while out of sight if we aren't sure. I put some clothes I would be sad to lose int he attic for the year and if I still don't fit them by the end of the year, they are gone. I can't stand the mess.

elizabeth.scalf 01-03-2013 05:28 AM

I also haven't missed anything. there definitely are things that I don't have spares of, but really, its my fault that I don't organize better. By not having spares, it means you keep everything cleaner and don't let dishes and laundry pile up. It helps me not lose things too. sometimes I remember something I used to have and can't find it, so I assume I donated it. And honestly if I don't remember getting rid of it, I must not have cared about it that much.

photocat 01-03-2013 08:10 PM

Re: Have you gotten rid of too much?
There's a couple of things that fall into this category, but really only because we started going camping regularly.

I actually freecycled a brand new cast iron fry pan ages ago was exactly the same size as the one I already had. Now, I take the one I already have and bring that camping, but I'd rather have a dedicated fry pan, 'cos I don't want to accidentally trash my kitchen one. So I will try and replace that with a thrift store find if I can.
Same with a couple of mis-matched kitchen knives, I have 2 full knife blocks, so I let the mis-matched ones go. But now they could go in our camping stash.

I DID keep some manky old hand towels when I replaced them a few months back, they ARE in the camping stash, lol.

Prettylocks 01-20-2013 01:36 PM

I don't miss anything yet.

qsefthuko 01-20-2013 01:50 PM

Re: Have you gotten rid of too much?
I have had to replace a few things I found I wanted back. The last one was our crock pot. I go in spurts. For months on end I will use it frequently enough I honestly need 2. Then I go for a year or 2 without using them at all. A few months ago I gave our crock pot to my sister. This month I found myself wanting to use them again. I had to go out and buy another one. When summer comes and we are gone most of the day I may need a second one. One on high for lunch and one on low dinner.

I never get rid of our towels because even our ratty ones wind up getting used frequently. Kids clothes I get rid of as soon as I no longer need them or have someone to pass them to. Since my sister doesn't have the storage space for yet to be grown into clothing I store them for her in our shed until needed. Once my youngest is done with them I donate them or trash them. By then they have been through 3 boys.

cherylchoo 01-20-2013 03:20 PM

Re: Have you gotten rid of too much?
I have not ever regretted getting rid of something I purged on purpose. Only stuff that got purged by accident. ;)

When I am going to give goods to a bake sale, or have some likely event you talked about having spare mismatched dishes for, I buy a plate or container at dollar tree for that purpose.

I also keep a few towels for barf, lol. Like PP said I think it is necessary when you have three young kids. Strangely I don't have spare sheets. On the rare occasion they wet the bed or puke, chances are they are too traumatized to sleep in their bed anyway. ;)

My kids are big into arts and crafts, do pottery, etc and we are fixing up a house. So we have clothes specifically for painting/getting messy. Just one set for everybody, and they have a special home.

As for the small kitchen appliances, here I can often buy them used for cheap, so if I currently need a second crockpot, I can get one for $10 or less. Then when I don't need it, I can donate it and not feel bad about it.

As for the sheet for cutting out eyeholes, LOL. That kind of stuff I either buy as needed at thrift stores or dollar stores if it is necessary. But we also will pull stuff out of the recycling bin to repurpose for costumes and those kinds of projects so it is usually not an issue.

That being said I have not purged down to true minimalism. I still have a lot to go. So I expect it may come up later when I get closer to my goal. ;)

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