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apboyles 01-04-2013 08:36 AM

Weird belly shape?
Anyone else showing completely different this time? I feel like I have weird low belly this time. You know those pictures in the what to expect book of different ways of showing? I'm feel like I'm showing like the one that always weirded me out where the belly is super flat on top (well compared to the bump) but is all belly from like belly button area down. I would post a pic but I'm visiting family and haven't my computer with me. Anyone else showing different?
The only reason I notice is bc in the belly bumps thread there are a lot of cute round bellies.

sterlids 01-04-2013 08:38 AM

Re: Weird belly shape?
i'm lower and smaller this time. with my son it was all out front and high and looked like i swallowed a beach ball.

twinpossible 01-04-2013 09:34 AM

Re: Weird belly shape?
I totally look like how you described, low. It almost looks like a tear drop. My midwife said I am measuring a week ahead in inches but my uterus is only 2.5 inches above my belly button (that was at 26 weeks). I cannot really compare because the last pregnancies were twins!

Mama_K 01-04-2013 12:34 PM

Re: Weird belly shape?
I'm carrying really low but my bump is nice and round this time, last time I was totally lopsided and looked funny.

amb2j 01-04-2013 01:46 PM

Re: Weird belly shape?
haha! I know exactly what belly you are talking about! That belly in What to Expect always creeped me out too! Well, with my son, I was just nice and round, but with this LO, Im basically round, but kind of pointed around the middle....imagine football instead of basketball lol! So, I definitely relate to having what I feel is a weird shape this time. 2 year old DS always tends to notice how pointy it is and tries to press the point down lol. Ill post my 32 week belly this weekend :-)!

NappyChappy 01-04-2013 02:18 PM

Re: Weird belly shape?
I feel like my belly is pointed in the center. From behind you can't even tell I am pregnant yet. Most of the time this baby feels like it's coming out of my belly button! :)

amb2j 01-06-2013 07:05 PM

Posted my pointy belly in the belly thread :blush: :goodvibes:

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