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bkanning 01-04-2013 01:06 PM

Bumgenius, fuzzibunz, kawaii?
I'm new to cloth diapering. I joined a while ago thinking I would start, then I never did. Now I have a 2 year old, a 1 year old, and one on the way, so we are trying to cut costs and I'm going to finally start with cloth diapers. I really would like AIO, and I think that OS would be practical, with maybe some newborn sizes when the baby comes.

I really like the look of fuzzibunz aio and bumgenius elementals and freetime, and the reviews are solid. But they are a bit pricey for me. I was thinking I would order a few of these, maybe 2 for each of my kids, and then build up a supply of other diapers.

I was looking at Kawaii, both the os pockets and the bamboo minkies, as they are so affordable. I also looked at Bububibi, but the reviews I found for kawaii seemed a bit more positive.

I am wondering if you ladies could tell me about the quality of these diapers. If the cheaper diapers won't hold up well, would it be more economical in the long run to spend more on BM or FB? Do the Kawaii diapers hold up? Would any of these diapers hold up for more than one child, or do you wind up getting new diapers with each one? I'm not sure how long I can expect diapers to last.



momEmac 01-04-2013 01:39 PM

I've used bumgenius 4.0s and alva baby (super affordable and ordered straight from china) and I have one. Kawaii. I've used them for year now and the cheap diapers are holding up the same as the more expensive ones. I'm not crazy about the way the Kawaii is designed, the snaps are a little funny to me. The BG are great and good quality. I have more alvas than anything and I really like them. I think the biggest thing is that the cheaper diapers tend to be a little inconsistent in sizing. That doesn't bother me at all, I just adjust each diaper as needed, but it might bother some people. I fully expect my cheaper diapers to last through at least another child, if not two.

My iDevices are out to get me. Please excuse mistakes. :)

suttonsc 01-04-2013 01:42 PM

Re: Bumgenius, fuzzibunz, kawaii?
I'm new to CD as well. Have you stripped your BG yet? What worked best?

Kabuki24 01-04-2013 01:48 PM

Re: Bumgenius, fuzzibunz, kawaii?
Have you considered using prefolds and covers and then having a few pockets around for the diaper bag/nights?

Kawaii's are wonderful for the price.

kirst 01-04-2013 01:49 PM

Re: Bumgenius, fuzzibunz, kawaii?
In my experience, my more expensive Bum Genius diapers have not held up as well to repeated laundering as the Kawaiis and Fuzzibunz have. I had a newborn stash and a 4.0 stash of BG, both I used for 2-4 months only and when I sold them the aplix was staring to curl and split already and the suedecloth was pilly, even though I air dry covers and only use the dryer for prefolds and inserts.

My Kawaii diapers have held up great. I prefer the ones with velcro, as I prefer the adjustable fit....but I've had a few with snaps and they were very decent diapers. I have sold off most of the other diapers I've tried and now my stash is mostly Kawaii HD2's, Nana's Bottoms, and a few Fuzzibunz and AMP Staydry AIOs.

I think in terms of lasting through two children, that depends on how many are in your rotation. I have a large rotation of almost 50 diapers for one child, but some are "daycare dipes" only. But in terms of a straight comparison of BG versus Kawaii and Fuzzibunz with the exact same usage and washing, I would say that Kawaii and Fuzzibunz (perfect fit...the older version) wear about the same and BG definitely wears out faster in the aplix and elastics.

I am not a person who enjoys mending, so I sold mine off before I would replace aplix or elastics.

vansen19 01-04-2013 01:55 PM

Re: Bumgenius, fuzzibunz, kawaii?
lol i go back and forth, i have a handful of bg's, kawaii b/c i can't resist their colors/prints/convenience. dh prefers pockets and we use them when we go out. no issues in terms of comparison/wear and tear. older china brand pockets used to have very bad PUL that would separate or lame velcro but most have increased quality of materials i think to compete with quality dipes made in north america.

edit: start with 1-2 of each brand, even each type, baby fit and feel will really determine what cloth dipes you eventually use. we use padfolded flats in covers 75% of the time b/c it washes cleaner in a load of 40+ diapers, and that might be your case cding 3 little ones, even washing every other day! i read somewhere recommended wash load is 24 diapers esp if many are aio/ai2/pockets. best!

bkanning 01-04-2013 02:58 PM

Re: Bumgenius, fuzzibunz, kawaii?
Thank you! I was thinking I should just buy 2 of each and see how it goes. I did see a package of kawaii diapers on ebay that was 24 diapers at $5.00 a piece. It looks very tempting, but I am nervous to buy so many without trying them out first. I think I will need a large stash. I have read some reviews saying the Kawaii doesn't hold up, that was my biggest reservation. It's nice to hear that they are holding up well for others.

Even with a large stash, I'm sure I'll wash them everyday if possible, I don't like the idea of them sitting around longer than that. With 3 kids in diapers, I'm sure I will have enough for a load every morning :).

Katiebug_1976 01-04-2013 04:02 PM

Re: Bumgenius, fuzzibunz, kawaii?
We are a Kawaii loving family here! Our entire OS stash is made up of 16 Kawaii pockets (heavy duty, good nights & square tab). I was very impressed (and still am) with the quality and fit of these diapers. We used them with ds for just over 2 years (until he potty trained) and he still had plenty of room to grow. They were washed heavily, being in a rotation of only 16 diapers, but they have held up well. They are now waiting for "little chunk" (born last week) to grow into them. They seem to start fitting best at around 10-12 lbs. I would definately recommend Kawaiis!

**I dont have any experience with the other, more expensive diapers you mentioned (they were just too far out of our budget to try).

sleepydaisy 01-04-2013 04:08 PM

Re: Bumgenius, fuzzibunz, kawaii?
I don't have any of the "cheaper" diapers...I started CD'ing 3.5 years ago with FB, and then when my 2nd child was born I bought BG. Well my FB have held up better then the BG..I don't like the new FB Elite though, I find it a lot smaller then the last OS diaper.

beginswithb 01-04-2013 04:13 PM

Re: Bumgenius, fuzzibunz, kawaii?
I didn't like the fit of FBs on my boy. I now love Alvas and get them for about $5/dipe. Friends of mine use and love them and say they hold up as well as their more expensive diapers too. Win-win! :)

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