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Made of Fleece 01-05-2013 12:06 AM

Fleece longies, soakers, zorb/microfleece doublers LIQUIDATING
:lostit: ~~ Welcome to Made of Fleece and thank you for shopping! ~~

We are liquidating all inventory at super cheap prices, closing shop, and having baby#2 and moving houses... While it'll take me some time to upload some pictures onto DS, you can check out etsy (see siggy) for the details.

Remaining inventory:
Longies, simple one-layer, tons of small/newborn sizes remaining
Soakers, nearly waterproof, a few here and there
Zorb doublers/boosters with microfleece, TONS

LONGIES size Small $7 each

LONGIES size Medium $8 each

LONGIES size Large $8 each

Kitties print $8.50 in small or large

Monkey camos print $8.50 in S/M/L

Spinach green with various waist colors (medium $8 and small $7 only)

White with various waist colors (large/medium $8 and small $7)

Approximate dimensions of longies at rest:
Small / Med / Large
Waist: 13" / 15" / 17"
Rise: 15" / 17" / 19"
Hip: 17" / 19" / 21"
Inseam: 7" / 8.5" / 10-11"

My little model, 2-yo DD in size large over disposables (loose fitting for sure):
and size mediums (over disposables) fits just right, but wear a little like capris.

ZORB/MICROFLEECE (one layer of each, 15"X5") DOUBLERS/BOOSTERS $5.50/pair

ZORB/COTTON/MICROFLEECE (one layer of each, 15"x5") DOUBLERS/BOOSTERS $6.50/pair

These doublers are meant to be used on top of your cloth diaper system (flat, prefold, fitted, AIO, AI2, pocket), but may be used alone as well for less heavy wetters. The Zorb provides the thinnest, most efficient, absorbancy system currently available!

Zorb II has been pre-washed (pre-shrunk). The process is: I buy a bolt of the zorb, cut it into about 2 yard (more manageable) pieces, and wash them with liquid Tide detergent and dry on high heat. This is done 4 times and a shrinkage of about 35% occurs. Then I cut those pieces into their 15"x5" size before serging them with the microfleece (Microfleece does not require pre-treating). Even after this preparation, though, it's possible to have even more shrinkage with repeated use because there's even more surface area at the edges exposed to the high heat of drying. So the zorb may pull inward and your microfleece may sag. This does not affect the ultimate function of your doubler/booster.

* Soakers are made using a "modified" Katrina's pattern. I increased the rise to allow more cloth coverage (no butt cracks or unerwear showing!), and and re-categorized the sizes.
* Wet-zone is always reinforced with at least one extra layer.
* Fleece is anti-pill.

Made of Fleece 01-06-2013 03:30 PM

Re: Fleece longies, soakers, zorb/microfleece doublers LIQUIDATING

Made of Fleece 01-09-2013 01:20 PM

Re: Fleece longies, soakers, zorb/microfleece doublers LIQUIDATING

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