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Zoethink 01-05-2013 10:39 AM

What do I do with all these toys!
So, I wouldn't call myself minimalist exactly, but I am very particular about the quality of the things we keep around. I like everything to look nice, so if it doesn't have a home I try to find a home for it elsewhere, if you know what I mean. :giggle:

I have been nicely, but adamantly vocal about which kinds of toys I would like DS to have. I was very general rather than specific however, and now I find that for Christmas almost everyone listened! And now we have an over abundance of very nice toys! There are no duplicates, but there are some similar pieces; ie. a wooden race car and a wooden jeep. I am not sure how to purge his room because almost everything is quality stuff. There are definitely junky pieces in there, but they are things he actually plays with, so I am not sure I want to get rid of those things just yet.

I might just give it some time and see which things fall out of favor. I have also thought about doing a toy rotation so it isn't cluttering up his shelves. I am not such a big fan of that one since I don't trust myself to remember to rotate them. :giggle2: I have also thought about just getting some bins so everything looks neat even if there is a lot there.

What would you all do?:goodvibes:

elizabeth.scalf 01-05-2013 11:10 AM

I would still do the rotation. If you do forget, then at least when you find them in a year hidden in a closet you can sell them in like new condition or save them for the next kids! My kids actually do much better with a smaller assortment of toys, so actually spent this morning putting some into boxes to store. I have to hide them from DH too or they'll ask him to get them and he'll just take down every toy on the high shelves.

wordbox 01-05-2013 11:27 AM

Re: What do I do with all these toys!
I'm not a true minimalist, so take this with a grain of salt. ;)

I'd start by getting rid of the stuff you said was junky. I know you said he plays with them, but I think the junky flashy toys tend to be very exciting but only for a short period of time, and won't withstand the long term play that you're probably looking for in his toys.

You could even set those things aside and give them a time frame (like, let him play for one or two more weeks then get rid of them). For example, our son got a remote control car for Christmas, and so we let him have it for a little while and yesterday we decided to donate it. The cool shiny new toy had already worn off, and he was starting to take the battery cover off and play with the cord instead. He didn't even seem interested when DH was playing with it, haha.

I don't mind having similar items, depending on what it is. We have several cars, for example, but they all get used, and some work differently than others. Having a few of a certain type of toy isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially if they have friends come over or whatever.

What I tend to do, though, is split things up a bit. We keep a few cars downstairs in the play area, and a few cars upstairs in his bedroom. Would something like that work for you? I'm not sure what your toy situation or set-up is, though. We keep a small number of toys in his bedroom, he doesn't play up there much so I keep it very simple, and those toys tend to be a bit "newer" because he doesn't play with them as much.

Does he have somewhere he visits regularly? Say, a grandparent's house? You could also send a container of nice toys over there so he has nice things to play with when he goes there.

weareborgswife 01-06-2013 12:15 AM

Re: What do I do with all these toys!
Not sure of his age, but maybe give him a choice of his top 2-3 favorites of each category?

I try and do this with my girls, and it has helped- having 2 girls who share a lot makes that much harder as they tend to like different things, but I have started putting things aside out of their room, and they really don't miss it.

I am in the same boat at the moment as we have Osthiemer wooden people and blocks, plus Calico Critters, plus Playmobil, plus legos.... all have similar play value and the Osthiemer is the least used (can't stand them up on the carpet well) BUT it is my most favorite heirloom "set". But the others all get played with a ton, but from day to day it changes.

I have convinced them to part with the Little People and Littlest Pet Shops, and am working on the Zhu Zhu pets, My Little Ponys and Barbies- (thanks to family/friends they have an full room UGH!).

If I had my way, we'd have the Ostheimer, Playmobil, and Calico Critters, Legos, and their AG dolls, and the rest would all leave.

We have downsized some of their collections (we have 1/2 the barbies we started with- someone gave them a bucket of over 30 large, and 10 smaller "kids", plus tons of clothing and accessories), just got rid of the Breyer Horses as well (well I put those away- they were mine when I was a kid- and I am going to see if my neices get horse crazy - my girls don't care that much)

We have shared toys with the our church, our friends, our family, as well.

Places we regularly visit- the kids get to see them from time to time this way :).

P!nkPepper 01-06-2013 12:50 AM

I agree with toy rotation & taking toys to Grandma's house too. Schedule the toy rotation, write it on your calender or set an email.

Jodie ~ mama to Big K, Medium K & Lil' k

solarbabies 01-06-2013 11:05 AM

Re: What do I do with all these toys!
I would send them to me :goodvibes: lol! No one listens to me, my kids get almost all junk all the time. I want good quality toys, but yeah, that doesn't happen.

I like grandmas house idea. Maybe get some cute bins and whatever fits in the bins stays home other wise it goes to grandmas or gets rotated.

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