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badmisterkitty 01-06-2013 01:58 PM

All Flats All The Time?
I must be running a streak of bad luck because I've destashed and destashed and then destashed some more, but I'm still not satisfied with my stash.

I'm looking for all flats users. All day, all night. No other "systems" at all, not even for nights or diaper bags or travel. I don't see why I couldn't do it, but I'd love to hear some stories from others.

My current stash is somewhat varied. I have 2 in diapers.

12 GMD browns
23 Flip Organics
5 BG 4.0
9 BG Elementals
6 GMD yellows
6 Imagine smalls
+ a large variety of covers

For flats, I have:
5 small flats
10 medium sized flats
15 large flats
8 double-layer jersey knit recieving blanket flats (highly absorbant)

Could I conceivable just ditch all the stuff on the top of the list (except covers) and just do flats? Or keep the prefolds, too? Or keep a handful of AIO's??

All experience and advice appreciated! Thanks!

rchamberlain 01-06-2013 02:10 PM

Re: All Flats All The Time?
I like prefolds for the days when I am just very behind on laundry with 3 littles running around.

But, flats hold a special place in my heart since I feel like I'm doing the "real" diapering like my grandmothers, etc. Don't know why but it really tugs at my pioneering heartstrings!

I use only Dappi pull on covers because I have tried every other cover and just don't have the time to figure out snaps and flaps and deal with elastics leaving marks and relaxing. These are our bulletproof covers and I can get by with 4 in each size.

I pin my flats since I didn't find a fold that left me with enough wings for snappis. I really dislike doubling up flats for night since I feel like it is an enormous amount of bulk. We do a disposable at night right now, but I just scored a Lovebums fitted off of FSOT so we'll see if I can get away with that.

All flats here (and prefolds when I'm lazy). The flats dry the fastest, stay the softest and seem to be the most comfortable on my baby. Downsides are folding and I can never quite contain the poop. Dunking is a pain. So, yes, keep your prefolds. Because you will miss them when they are gone! LOL!

essential1892 01-06-2013 02:11 PM

Re: All Flats All The Time?
I do flats 90% of the time and have elementals for my DH to use when I am at work on Saturdays. I pad fold them into covers- I suppose I could even ditch the elementals because its easy to put the flat into the covers and leave them all set up for my DH to use.

At night, I add a hemp doubler to the flat and use a micro fleece liner. It works really well for us- the flats are so easy to get clean! I am actually completely content with my stash and have no desire to buy anymore diapers.

I have (for a 14 month old and nighttime diaper for a 3 year old):
8 Flip Covers
18 Oso Cozy Flats
3 Hemp Babies Doublers
12 homemade fleece liners
9 Elementals (for my DH)

I also have 2 pairs of Superundies for my 5.5 year old because flats/covers would in no way work for how much urine he can put out at night!

MomBecks 01-06-2013 03:01 PM

Re: All Flats All The Time?
I did all flats for a while but found it really like a little variety. My favorite mix is 2 dozen flats 6 fitteds and 6 AIOS along with about 8 PUL covers and 2 wool soakers for nights. Everything serves a purpose so it doesn't feel disorganized but I don't get bored either :)

max'smamma 01-06-2013 03:29 PM

Re: All Flats All The Time?
I do!...except I have done sposies at night. However, I'm down to my last one and will start just doing doubled flats at night now.

I'm on my third child, and this is my first time using flats. I haven't looked back.

With my first, it was all pockets and AIOs. Second kid was all snappied prefolds with covers.

Now, I only use flats and am loving it! I've just begun the padfolding technique in a couple new covers, and its a nice change-up from folding when I need it. I actually get a better fit with folded flats than with prefolds.

For covers, I have some wool wraps and longies, a fleece wrap, a few Dappi nylon covers (PP was right...they are the BEST) and a couple new diaper safaris for padfolding (wanted to simplify for DH).

thirdtimemomma 01-06-2013 03:47 PM

I did for two years. I had two in diapers full time and 2 at night as well. I used them only padfolded and layer in a cover, unless I wanted a.change.

Here's what my stash was...

5 dozen flats (way too many)
3 dozen preemie PF (doublers for my toddler)
20 thursties duo (10 per kid)
4 xl bummis snaps (for the older kids at night)
10 BG pocket shells (stuffed with flats for the diaperbag and nights)

I loved them till I got tired of folding. Lol. But I washed 2-3 dozen diapers every other day, it got old, fast. I needed to simplify washing. Now that I dont have the wash issues I did because I moved.. I switched to all pockets

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badmisterkitty 01-06-2013 08:19 PM

Re: All Flats All The Time?
Thanks for all the anecdotes!

I put away all the aio's & pockets to experiment for a trial period. Oh, and all the flip organics too. DH always grabs aio's but he seemed to not mind that they were gone. He can trifold with the best of them.

We shall see. My little guy seems to hate cloth. I can only hope its a short phase. I have all this beautiful fluff & just one kid to use it....and she's half potty trained.

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