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mg5g 01-07-2013 12:29 AM

(Posting for a friend) Need help getting a toddler to stop BFing
My BFF isn't on DS and doesn't have any real world BFing support. She's asked me to post here to see if I can get some advice for her. She has an almost 2 yo who WILL NOT stop BFing. LO is still not sleeping through the night and is BFing more then she is eating. Mama is very ready to wean. She's a single parent with no support system and needs to get some sleep :) ALSO DD may end up having to overnight at her dad's due to the courts - they are fighting an ugly custody battle right now with daddy trying to get full custody. Especially if she has to overnight she will need to be weaned. I have no idea how to help ... the kids I did BF were weaned as babies and very gradually and happily, I've never had a screaming toddler digging under my shirt :giggle2: Any practical advice, suggestions, support is appreciated and will be passed on to her. THANKS

starbeam 01-07-2013 12:35 AM

Re: (Posting for a friend) Need help getting a toddler to stop BFing
What I would do is look up LLL (la leche league) online and see if you can find a local chapter and attend meetings with her as soon as possible, or tell her where/when to go to a meeting if you can't go with her. Also, I would buy and read the most recent LLL book.

jessicanashville 01-07-2013 03:51 AM

Re: (Posting for a friend) Need help getting a toddler to stop BFing
I had this exact same problem. My ex DH essentially kidnapped my kids when DS was 14 months and when I got them back 2 weeks later from the courts he was super attached to the boob :) I was single at that point and my son was doing overnights (court system flaw) and I would pump... I was so thin and worn out I told DS for several weeks that when he turned 2 he couldn't have milkie anymore. He was old enough to know what that meant but was still upset. He asked me everyday for about a month and I am convinced he would still be nursing at 4. I bought him special big boy cups even though he could drink out of a cup well and allowed him to co-sleep with me so we at least got the one-on-one time. It was hard on me seeing he wanted it but I knew he didn't NEED it. I still had milk for 6 months after nursing too, lol. If he would cry I would just cuddle him, no bottle, no pacifier etc just quality time. I am sorry she is having to do this, my first son self-weaned at 14 months and it was harder on me than anything lol :)

I forgot to mention DS was nursing several times a night at that point. I would just pat his back, give him some water etc and he would go right back to sleep. I also told him he was a big boy when he turned 2 and he didn't need mommies milk anymore that milk is for babies and he is gonna be a big boy at his seemed to work a but at one point he told me he didn't want to be a big boy lol.

mamaspice 01-07-2013 11:51 AM has some good tips, as does the Dr. Sears website and the book "The No Cry Sleep Solution." There are gentle ways to night wean and gradually change his sleep associations.

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