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Manna00 06-15-2006 09:54 PM

My first Pediatriction "interview"
Okay.. so tonight's birthing class (yeah.. we're almost done!) was a local peditriction coming in to talk to us and basically have a group interview with him about his practice.

For the record--I feel like (due to DS,thanks mamas) I really am educated about some of the biggies (Circumcising being the biggest issue, with us having a boy).. so I was thinking "okay.. I'll just ask him his view.. no problems..."

Whoa. Problems. And this isn't a pro/con circumcision debate... we've had plenty of those. This is more or less a lisenced pediatrition giving rotten/scewed information to new mamas.

So.. first off.. I should have known... the man brought a corosel of slides that was boxed in a broken down cardboard box. Slides. Not powerpoint slides... but slides. Not that there's anything WRONG with slides... I just like to see my medical professionals a little more "on the ball" technology wise. And the slides were SOOO dated.

And finally he says "Well. Any of you having a boy?" And of course, I raised my hand along with one other mama who's only about 30 weeks along. So.. he then warns the class... "I've got a few slides of a typical circumcision". Groan from all the men... and myself.

And wouldn't you know... the three slides he had of a little boy being circumcised were of a baby SLEEPING through the entire procedure. Sleeping. When the other "boy mama" asked if that was typical.. he said "Yes. It is." I mean.. I'm sure it happens every now and again.. but TYPICAL?? Shaaaa buddy. I'm thinking: not. Then she asked "Well.. what about the pain"... and he said "Oh, they hardly feel a thing! See, this baby didn't even wake up!". Talk about propaganda. He didn't even have a slide of the baby awake for the circumciscion or even another baby crying at all. Just the one sleeping baby was his only example of how a circumcision goes. Apparently having a choice about circ'ing or not hadn't even occured to the other "boy mama" because she said "Well.. I just never thought about it.. we're just going to have it done. Is there any reason we shouldn't?".... and good ol' Dr. Out-of-Date said " No. There's no reason you shouldn't. Most boys are circ'd... so when he gets to 7th grade and is changing in the locker room if you don't circ' him there will probably be only one or two boys that arn't. It's a hard social thing for boys." Umm. Hello. I always thought that the whole "locker room" argument was out of date. And besides... if my son is running around showing his peepee off to the other boys, then honey... we've got bigger things to deal with!
I had also heard that nowdays in the USA it's more like 50/50 for circ/intact. In his favor.. he DID mention that there's a TINY chance of regrowth with circ'd boys so they might have to have it redone. But he said "the chances of that are minimal so we don't like to talk about it." Yeah. I'm sure, dude.

He was okay with extended breastfeeding though and Dr. Even Steven with cloth diapering (he wouldnt' give me a "Sure, that's great" or a "No! Don't do that ever!" answer). But, oi with the shoveling out out of date information about circumcision!

I'm not sure if you can tell.. but we are planning on not circumcising our baby. My husband is. My brothers are. IN fact, every man I've ever known (well.. DH is the only man I've known.. in the Biblical sence) has been circ'd. But we are choosing not to. Even if we had decieded on circumcising our baby... I would feel completely misinformed about the information he gave me. I talked to the other "boy mama" after class and told her to look online for more information. I simply told her that I had done a lot of research and come to my own conclusion as a parent and that I thought that the information given by the Doc. was not enough really. She just smiled and nodded at the crazy mom. Oh well. It's her choice.

I just HAD to share this exciting evening with some folks that might "appreciate" hearing all of this. Let's just say... he seems like a nice enough peditricion.. but I'll wait to here a baby doctor NOT bring up the locker room theory before choosing them for my son.

iris0110 06-15-2006 10:09 PM

Re: My first Pediatriction "interview"
Sigh, it is a sad fact that many Dr's still have this outdated awful information. The baby in the slides was probably either actually under general anesthesia or had shut down from the shock and pain (this is actually not at all uncommon with nb's). I feel sorry for any intact boys in his practice because he is probably the type who would recomend retracting at each diaper change and the second there is even the smallest hint of something wrong recomend circing. He is very wrong about the locker room thing as well. Any man I have ever talked to said you just don't look in the locker room, if you do people call you gay. Plus you are right, it is about a 50/50 split these days in most of the country, though some parts are more or less depending. I have been friends with several intact men and they never had any troubles physically or socialy from it. I think we adults make a big deal out of it because we want to find a reason why circing is necessary.

It's funny though, the pedi we use is a very very old man. He was my pediatrician as a child, and he was very old then. But he is so up to date in his research. It is amazing. He is anti-circ, pro-bf and ebf, and perfectly fine with my not vaxing. Though I can totally see him showing up at a seminar with slides. :giggle: I don't think it is uncommon for pedi's not to have much opinion about diapers. Mine doesn't seem to care either way. He does get a little confused about using my new fangle pocket diapers at appts, so I just fasten them back up for him so he doesn't get too embarassed. I say shop around, you may find yourself a good one, and don't necessarily turn away from the older pedi's, some of them really are "golden oldies". :laugh:

aschrimp 06-16-2006 03:37 PM

Re: My first Pediatriction "interview"
At my appt to get my eyebrows waxed the lady (I always see the same person) told me all about her "crazy" son and daughter in law whose baby is due in 3 wks, and how they sent out this email with their birth plan adn the fact that they weren't planning on circ'ing. She and her husband had an issue with this, worrying about the whole locker room thing. I took the chance to reassure her that there would be plenty of non-circ boys in the locker room along with him...and that we hadn't circ'd either.

The thing I thought was a little funny was that they 1) felt the need to send their birth plan and circ choices out to the entire extended family, and 2) that the entire family felt the need to weigh in on their decision! I mean we did the whole natural water birth thing, and did not circ, but it never even occurred to me to inform the entire family in advance!

We just had to switch pediatricians, ours has gone on an extended leave. The new dr is 100% ok with ebf, but I am really not sure about vaccinations and cd's. His wife was my lactation consultant, and she was kinda older-hippyish, so I would imagine he will be ok with both. No clue about his views on circ, really, but ds is 9 mos old, so it isn't really going to come up at this point - lol.

Getz 06-16-2006 06:32 PM

Re: My first Pediatriction "interview"
I would have given him a lecture for sure! Asked him trick questions like "Can you tell me the medical benefits of circ?"

My ped knows not to touch DS's penis. I am not sure what her opinion of circ is, I would love to ask her.

Seriously, I would have never known circumcision was an optional procedure had I not found the AP message boards. I know DS would have been circed for sure otherwise.

iris0110 06-16-2006 10:21 PM

Re: My first Pediatriction "interview"
Jen I know this is totally OT but where did you get that lovely little necklace your babe is wearing in your avatar? Do you find that it bothers him? Does he wear it all of the time?

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