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MyM&W 01-08-2013 08:23 AM

Hows everyone feeling?
Anyone still have morning sickness? Bloating? Anything else?

Afm I get some morning sickness but not bad. Overall I'm feeling good, except I have this nasty cold that's going around. :( I'm hoping since I've only gained .5lb since last week that my weight is finally starting to slow down! Still have gained a lot though (16.5)

Hope everyone is doing good! Had to believe I'm 17 weeks!!

812ajack 01-08-2013 10:50 AM

Re: Hows everyone feeling?
I'm 18 weeks tomorrow and feeling good overall. Morning sickness seems gone although I still have some deterrents to some foods still. Only issue I have left is horrible constipation:yuck: although it has gotten a little better the last couple of days.

I did want to say that I'm not feeling the baby as much as I thought I would be right now.:headscratch: I feel an occasional kick or movement but not near as much as I was with my last 2 PGs. I guess it just has me freaked out cause they say usually you feel babies more often and earlier the more pregnancies you have and this one seems to be less. I have my US on the 25th and with not that much movement I'm getting nervous something is wrong but hoping its just that its me being paranoid.

wrensmom 01-08-2013 12:31 PM

Re: Hows everyone feeling?
I'm trying to get over a cold as well. It seems to be on it's way out, but I have a lingering runny nose. Morning sickness is still there for me at 15 weeks, but not as bad as before. I definitely still have food aversions.

I wouldn't worry too much about kicks. I think this is the hardest part, where you have felt a kick or a few kicks, but it's not consistent. I think I went almost a week without noticing kicks :/.. For me it depends how I'm sitting. And I know that I have a tilted uterus and one of my previous pregnancies I had an anterior placenta I think its called? which made it harder to feel the baby early on. I just try to trust everything is ok...

wrensmom 01-08-2013 12:31 PM

Re: Hows everyone feeling?
double post...

alyxmegan 01-12-2013 09:36 PM

I have nausea on occasion but I feel like its going down.
I have been getting up to pee a lot. I tried cutting my water intake down at night but its so dry where I live that I couldn't. I had an issue where I had a "peeing dream" and almost wet the bed.
Besides that I am great! No kicke yet! Sorry if typos I'm on my phone

Phaedramekko 01-13-2013 03:51 PM

Re: Hows everyone feeling?
I feel like this pregnancy is kicking my butt. I have constant cramps, sharp pains, back pain, and hip pain. After work my hip is in so much pain. I am a server which means there is no down time at work. I am still getting nauseous and occasionally throw up. I am 19 weeks along today and I have gained 12lbs. I just eat lots of small meals and snacks. I am also drinking plenty of water which means lots more peeing, haha! I can feel the baby move a lot. Yesterday I noticed the baby had hiccups, I love in the womb hiccups <3 My dd has been talking to the baby in the belly. She has also been doing very well with PL'ing and she joins me on my many trips to the bathroom. She will be 21 months old on the 20th and I think she will make a great big sister and helper:). My next ultrasound is on the 25th and that is when we can find out the sex! I am getting more and more excited. I keep looking at the NB fluff I have stashed away in the closet,lol.

Leaner 01-13-2013 07:05 PM

Re: Hows everyone feeling?
Feeling better most of the time, But getting over a nasty cold that seems to be lingering in my chest. I am still taking the mornign sickness pills I've been taking (unisom/b6) at night because days I don't take it I still feel queasy. I want to taper it off soon.
1 week to our big ultrasound, I'm 17 weeks 1 day and still not feeling too much movement. the NP said it is normal even though I've felt the others earlier. Baby's heart was strong at my appt on friday.

The sex dreams are starting. Yikes. I swear last night I was a bit of a loosey goosey. ;) DH will appreciate this time though I know.

Keropisunshine23 01-14-2013 05:51 PM

Re: Hows everyone feeling?
I am feeling pretty good, overall morning sickness is down and my energy is starting to come back, but not as quickly as I need it to. I have been feeling quite a bit of movement. I gained weight initially due to only being able to eat carbs, once the morning sickness calmed down and I was able to eat better, I lost weight, and I gained a little over the holidays, so overall, I weigh the same as when I started. :giggle2: My ultrasound is scheduled for 2/1, so we are getting excited for that.

tinytushi 01-14-2013 10:29 PM

Re: Hows everyone feeling?
Morning sickness has finally gone in the past 3 days (I hope). I am 18 weeks today. I have US this Friday. Baby only moves at night. I have felt movement every night for 3 weeks until the past 5 days and the movement is no longer daily which worries me. I had a 15 week US done and they believe it is a boy so I guess I will know for sure this Friday. I have heard 15 weeks is a little early but I could see the turtle. I have lots of pubic bone pain. Both sharp and stabbing as well as burning. I also think I am more tired now than I was in the first tri. Guess it is time to have labs to check for anemia. Also dying of thirst ALL THE TIME. Anyone else have that as a symptom?

tricia17lee 01-23-2013 12:37 PM

Re: Hows everyone feeling?

Originally Posted by tinytushi (Post 16159239)
Also dying of thirst ALL THE TIME. Anyone else have that as a symptom?

That started for me this week- 21 weeks today.

The M/S is going away, but I still get really nauseas if going too long without eating.

No real energy yet, but I've had one illness/cold after another and now have bronchitis. :( All the coughing is gagging me so I'm vomiting regularly again, ugh!

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