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ahblessedmama 01-09-2013 07:46 PM

1st formula baby, horrible reflux, bleeding privates, help please!:(
I am so glad I found this forum, maybe you all can help us. This is my first formula baby out of 6 and I have had to learn a lot! He was first on Gentlease, and had bloody diarrhea and horrible stomach pain from the milk, so now he's on Nutramigen. It helped for a bit, but he still has diarrhea a lot, not every diaper but most. No blood in it though. And his tummy seems much better, no gurgling/arching when feeding, etc. However, as soon as he poos I change him, but his little boy parts bleed. I have tried using sposies and slathering him in vaseline before he poos, but he still bleeds. He also is still refluxing horribly, I feel so badly for him (and it's a lot of laundry and Nutramigen formula smells awful!)

Is there anything I can do for him with the bleeding?

I don't know much about formula at all, but I know I want to avoid soy, but is he going to have these problems with all formulas?

Forgot to mention he's on his second reflux medicine, which doesn't seem to be helping either. He sleeps in a Rock N Play sleeper, and I use a reflux wedge for feeding every time. Most of my breasfed babies had reflux too, even with me cutting out dairy/gluten/spices/etc. Thanks mamas!

Bubblekids 01-09-2013 08:39 PM

Re: 1st formula baby, horrible reflux, bleeding privates, help please!:(
Hi, I'm new here, but hope this is helpful...
Both my kids were supplemented with formula, my youngest is on nutramigen as she also had blood in her stools. (She was in NICU when it was discovered, and the doctors and dieticians all said it was a cow protein allergy, she is also allergic to soy, and her older brother is allergic to both also).
We have learned that keeping our home soy and dairy free is extremely difficult (have you checked the soap you use? My daughter reacts badly to soaps with soy ingredients), and we have learned (after many horrible diaper rash experiences) that my kids are also allergic to latex (in elastic in most disposable diapers), and Vaseline too (any creams/body products with petrolatum).
I would start by checking those, if they are used in close proximity to the bleeding maybe switching up products to some more basic ones will help?
When we switched to nutramigen and I eliminated all soy and dairy from my diet my daughter's reflux pretty much cleared up. But it took a couple weeks. She occasionally has spit-ups now but it is typically because we have over-fed her (common with bottle feeding I hear).

Bubblekids 01-09-2013 08:41 PM

Re: 1st formula baby, horrible reflux, bleeding privates, help please!:(
Oops, and my daughter mainly has diarrhea, but the doctors said that as long as there wasn't blood they weren't concerned.
I know each baby is very unique though, and mine were never on any reflux meds. Have you been able to check with a doctor?

Tanksmom 01-09-2013 08:43 PM

Re: 1st formula baby, horrible reflux, bleeding privates, help please!:(
My LO had tummy issues with formula but no bleeding. I'm using Gripe water and it helps. I bought it at health food store.the brand I use is Mommy Bliss apple flavor. Hope this helps its herbal and can be taken with medication. Ask your dr first but my dr said it was fine:

ahblessedmama 01-09-2013 09:12 PM

Re: 1st formula baby, horrible reflux, bleeding privates, help please!:(
Forgot to say he is 3 months old so no other sources of soy/dairy. Gripe water does nothing but make him choke. What is a good sub for vaseline then? Coconut oil is not an option either. Thanks

jaelynsmommy61607 01-09-2013 09:34 PM

Aquaphor. Is donor breast milk an option? It seems like he could benefit.

SPJ&E 01-10-2013 06:43 AM

Re: 1st formula baby, horrible reflux, bleeding privates, help please!:(
Can you define bleeding? Do you mean his skin is raw and bleeding? Is it just when he poops? As much diaper free time as possible (though it doesn't really sound possible). Maybe try elimination communication? I've never done be completely honest, the thought is overwhelming and just not for me. But it would mean the poop comes into contact with your guys skin as little as possible, so might be worth a try.

How long has he been on the Nutramigen? Dairy can take about 2 weeks to be completely out of your system, so maybe he's still adjusting if it hasn't been that long. If it has been that long and he's still having a hard time, you may need to consider an amino-acid based (elemental) formula like Neocate or Elecare. They have NO dairy at all.

Nutramigen is hypo-allergenic, but still dairy based. It's very broken down so most babies can handle it just fine. But some can't and mine is one of them. Once we switched to Neocate at 5 months, he just got better and better. He worked his way back onto the growth chart. He stayed in the 3rd percentile for about 6 months and is now in the 7th. He's still a tall, skinny dude, but he's stayed on HIS curve since shortly after the formula switch and that's what's important. He was able to go off of reflux meds at 9 months. He was never a spitter, but he had terrible silent reflux (why it's called silent is beyond me...he cried all.the.time). I don't know which med your little guy is one, but Prevacid worked wonders for us. Before that, he slept only on one of our chests with us sleeping propped up, so he wasn't flat, if that makes sense. Lots of patting. Lots of bouncing. Lots of refusing to eat. He was a mess. Neocate and Prevacid were life-savers!

I hope you can get your little guy figured out!

ahblessedmama 01-10-2013 06:43 AM

Re: 1st formula baby, horrible reflux, bleeding privates, help please!:(
I guess my main question (which I wasn't very good at stating:) is should I change formula again or would things probably be the same? If so; what is the next step formula? Thanks

ahblessedmama 01-10-2013 07:26 AM

Re: 1st formula baby, horrible reflux, bleeding privates, help please!:(
SPJ&E, thanks for all the info, I was posting at the same time as yours:) The bleeding is all over his testicles, so it's like open wounds, and yes, only when he poops. So he poos, I clean him as best as I can, them leave him diaperless as long as I can (cleaning up a few fountain pees:)) and that clears it up a lot. I also sometimes put a sposie on with Neosporin afterwards until the next change. I also am not one for the EC, I'm sure other moms do great, but with homeschooling and 6 kids, it's just not an option for me right now.

He's been on Nutramigen for about 1 month or more. I looked up the Neocate you mentioned, wow, does your insurance cover that?

Yes, my last LO had "silent" reflux, and cried more than all the rest put together (which is saying a lot since I've had 5 colicky babies!)

We did the Zantac, and are now on generic prevacid that I take half the granules out of the capsule and give them to him with 2 mls of water, another thing I don't really have time for:) It has only been 6 days on that though, so maybe it will kick in soon. Thanks for the info again, I'll look into the Neocate.

tinyblackdot 01-10-2013 07:34 AM

I would find a very high quality milk and soy free probiotic (whole foods carries a liquid version for babies and kids) and make sure he is getting it 3 times a day.

Dd had horrible acidic poops when she was a baby. We where on multiple formulas and ended up Having to use neocate, but our GI bleeding issue never stopped. And no, insurance did NOT cover it at all, we luckily had WIC and it helped quite a bit, but if you don't have to switch I wouldn't. Formula for her cost us about $500 a month, and the switch really didn't alleviate anything.

Good luck!

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