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aries416 01-10-2013 03:25 PM

My son is almost 27 months. He's been getting services for speech through the county for the last 4 months. He gets 30 minutes a month of speech and 90 minutes a month with his "teacher". No idea what her actual description is. She missed all of December.

Anyway, he's still not talking really. He vocalizes a lot, babbles, and says a few words here and there. He is a pro at non-verbal communication. They keep changing their minds as to what they want to label him as. His teacher keeps saying how she doesn't think he's Autistic, but she wants to have him screened (fine!) to see if she can get him into a special school.

I just feel like this whole process is a jumbled mess. One day, he's "globally delayed", the next he's a mystery and she says, "I can see his intelligence and his purpose through play", and today we're back to, "He doesn't do XYZ with his toys because he's so behind developmentally." I'm so confused!

It seems like they are placing a lot of emphasis on his ability to build with blocks, dress himself, do puzzles, and similar. He can build towers. I have no doubt he *can* do puzzles, he just doesn't want to. He assists in dressing, but he'd much rather be naked. LOL.

The only part of this process I like is that when he turns 3 in October, assuming he has an IEP, he will get to go to an amazing preschool that he otherwise couldn't get into until 4. Since he's basically made no progress in the speech department, they're leaning towards him getting an IEP.

iris0110 01-10-2013 05:30 PM

Re: Frustrated
ECI or ITIP or whatever they call it where you are cannot diagnos your child. They can give you generalizations based on what they see while interacting with your child and what you tell them about how your child behaves with you. If you are concerned about your child being ASD or needing another diagnosis you would need to seek the help of a psychiatrist or developmental pediatrician. I was very happy with the support my son received with ECI but not all programs are the same. The benefits we received from the school when he aged out were not nearly as good. I would encourage you to begin the process of having him medically assessed if you feel there is something else going on as he will probably need more than whatever the schools are going to be able to provide and it is the only way you are going to get the answers you are looking for.

BCGamerMom 01-11-2013 08:19 AM

What is the process for getting an ASD assessment where you live? Do you have a pediatrician you are working with or just early intervention?
I'll admit I'm pretty ignorant about your medical system, but here we can have early intervention service by referral from a parent or a play group leader or health nurse or daycare provider but through those services alone we could never get an actual official diagnosis of anything. To get an ASD assessment we have to see our regular family doctor (GP) and have a referral to a pediatrician, the pediatrician does a developmental assessment in the office, about an hour long interview with parent and a check up on the little one and through that assesses whether there is grounds for concern and where to go from there. If the ped thinks that there is possible ASD he/she puts in a referral to the autism assessment network and from that point it is mandated that a child under 6 must be assessed using the ADOS test by a multidisciplinary team within 6 months (12 months for children over 6) and that is basically the only way a ASD happens unless you have the money or a private insurance that will pay for a private assessment, but there aren't a lot of private physiologists around that are trained in ADOS administration because the services are available through our socialized system. I would recommend finding some parents in your area that have had their child assessed and find out exactly what the process is and get your back up, push and push until you have some answers and some services because 30min a month of speech is garbage your son needs more than that obviously or he would be progressing.

Also I'm not an expert but have two kids that have gone through this process and most likely the reason they are focusing on those key areas are because dressing your self is a complex adaptive skill and being able to/or not able to do it by 3 speaks to his general ability for adaptive behaviors, block play is a great way to judge fine motor development and reciprocal play and puzzles show analytical ability, and are generally a good way to get some emotions out of kids so they can demonstrate their emotion regulation.

MrsCrafty 01-11-2013 09:47 AM

Re: Frustrated
I agree with Shannon, it's the same here. They cannot DX him, we got a referral to a developmental ped through our regular ped. There is generally a long wait for the initial appointment so I'd try to get in asap :goodvibes:

mibarra 01-11-2013 12:32 PM

Re: Frustrated
There is a difference between a medical diagnosis (gotten from some form of doctor, developmental ped, private professional) and an educational eligibility (what goes on their IEP/IFSP to determine if they qualify for services). It can be confusing.

aries416 01-19-2013 07:54 AM

Re: Frustrated
Thanks everyone. I found out a little more about the program. Basically, he's going to be assessed for red flags and if there are enough of them, he'll qualify for a school program 25 hours a week. This is supposed to happen soon. I also filled out a sensory profile and have an OT coming next week. After filling that out, I really see a lot of sensory issues with my son.

We just changed insurance so I am waiting on a card. As soon as I get the card, I'm going to the ped. to ask for a referral to the closest place that can diagnose (an hour away). My daughter is currently going through the diagnosis progress. It took 6 months to meet with a developmental ped. and 9 months to meet with a psychologist. She has the psych. appointment on Feb. 1st and we should leave with a diagnosis if there is one.

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