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ssqueakert 01-10-2013 09:56 PM

ISO:Thirsties fab fitteds,BB,GCs,dryer ball IHA: patterns,DVDR,KK,shoes,pockets,MORE

PLEASE MAKE ME AN OFFER ON ANYTHING!! THIS STUFF NEEDS TO GO...I'm so tired of the bags sitting in my bedroom. =)

My ISO/IHA list...
Mainly looking to trade or sell right now! Am open to partial trades too!

If you're interested in anything, send me your IHA list! =)

ISO - In Search Of:

~regular first class "forever" postage stamps

~Ministar Fur Boots in Beige or Chocolate (from Target usually), size 6-12months, maybe 0-6 months.

~Pampered Chef Twixit chip clips, larger sizes (already have a bunch of the small ones that are about 2" long)

~Ergo carrier. I don't really need another carrier, but I'd love to trade and try an Ergo!

~dryer balls. wool or something...

~Piggy Paints

~Best Bottoms cover, snaps only. Camo. Freedom or Liberty, Hoot...try me on others too...

~Bum Genius Elementals in new or old style. Snaps only. no white. Prefer prints, boyish, and/or neutral.

~Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted Cloth Diaper, size 2, snaps only, any color. EUC or better only.

~LeapFrog LeapPad 1 & 2 games & maybe accessories (gel skins, internal charger thingy, etc)

~plastic scrubby thingys for when hand washing dishes.

~Child safe nativity set, ex: Playmobil or wooden peg dolls or something

~RLR laundry additive

~Pampered Chef or Tupperware nylon spatula/flipper kitchen tool

~trainers - Super Undies (small or medium), or Starbunz trainers (medium), BG or GroVia trainers.

~white thread for serger

~maybe some cotton interlock fabric in cute prints

~maybe some cotton woven fabric to make dresses

~catnip essential oil

~giftcards - WalMart (Wal Mart), Home Depot, Kohls, Kohl's cash (expired is OK), Costco, McDonalds, Little Ceasars, Papa Murphys, Olive Garden, Applebees, Pizza Hut, ...

~Klean Kanteen food storage containers, 8oz single wall.

~KitchenAid attachments: slicer...

~stainless steel measuring cup set

~aditional butter dish with cover, glass or Tupperware. something simple, don't really care about the color, but nice to be able to see through.

~Klean Kanteen new Sports Cap in green or black.

~Tupperware FreezeSmart Medium 2's

~birthday gifts for kids:
girl age 8
girl age 12
boy age 7
girl age 9months
boy age 14
girl age 1
girl age 2
boy age 5

~full-size padded ironing board cover thingy

~Playmobil toy sets
~Imaginext toys
~Lego sets, maybe Duplo sets

IHA - I Have Available:

PENDING~code for a free 8x8 photo book from Shutterfly. expires June 9, 2014.
PENDING~code for a free Shutterfly photo mug. expires June 28, 2014.

~$50 gift certificate.

~code for a free nursing cover

~Diva Cup, size 2, NEW/NIP

~BOOK: Husband Coached Childbirth by Robert A. Bradley. VGUC. Cover and back show a little wear. Looks like something might have dripped on the cover (wet wrinkle spot). Inner pages are EEUC.

~BOOK: The Bradley Method, Student Workbook. EUC. Cover and back some light wear. Postcards are removed from back of book. Inner pages EEUC. Don't see any writing in the book.
Had gotten this book to substitute for taking the class (couldn't find any local classes). It was helpful! But am not planning on being pregnant again anytime soon.

~felt food pizza set. EUC, some fuzziness from toy wood food that has velcro on it. Includes pizza pan (the cardboard? inside is a little bent but still functions fine), 4 slices of pizza, numerous removable black olive slices, pepperoni slices, and sausages pieces.
These are so cute! We just have way too many toys around here (very small place) and need to downsize.

PENDING~NEW Klean Kanteen classic 18oz Moss green with old style drinking/sport cap. We LOVE KK and have a bunch!
Will probably only sell or trade for stuff I really want (otherwise will use as gifts for nieces/nephews/family).

PENDING~NEW Klean Kanteen classic 18oz stainless with old style drinking/sport cap.
Will probably only sell or trade for stuff I really want (otherwise will use as gifts for nieces/nephews/family).

~Manhattan Toy Whoozit 12 Inch
NEW, no tags or packaging.
$17ppd $15ppd (large and takes more shipping space)

~Plan Toys xylophone, vintage style. GUC.
$7ppd (this pretty much FFS+pp rounded up).
Wear marks on top from use. One red peg on side has small gouge and sticker residue, another red peg on other side has small nick. Some of the foam spacers look crooked/squished, but doesn't seem to affect function at all, and not sure if they'll "re-shape" themselves. Bottom has some sticker residue and shows Plan Toys brand. I haven't done anything to try to remove sticker residue.

~Block Tech Dump Truck set, 96pc, NIP $10TV (

~Playskool Marvel Super Hero action figure set, Iron Man and Silver Surfer, NIP $8TV
(just a note that I'll likely only trade for things I'm looking for as can otherwise use these as gifts for my little ones or nieces & nephews)

~Ultra Blast Batman action figure, NIP $4TV
~Stealth Vision Batman action figure, NIP $4TV
(just a note that I'll likely only trade for things I'm looking for as can otherwise use these as gifts for my little ones or nieces & nephews)

~Imaginext Knight and Pheonix action figure set, NIP $11TV
(just a note that I'll likely only trade for things I'm looking for as can otherwise use these as gifts for my little ones or nieces & nephews)

~2 Faded Glory knit blaze orange hats, NWT $1 TV each

~Purple Owl childrens hat, NWT $4TV

~Fisher Price Monkey rattle, NIP $3TV

~Dyson Low Reach Floor Tool hose attachment. EUC. Gray and purple.
measures approximately 11.5" wide. I think that it will fit most Dyson upright models. great for hard floors (anything non-carpet!), great for reaching under tables or misc.
$5 plus shipping

~Dyson Mini Turbine Head - Great for stairs, smaller spaces, and vehicles, Animal purple
$5 plus shipping

Both are GUC. Their a little dusty from use, work great, a few scuffs/scratches from use.

~Mens 5.11 tactical pants, size 44x30. Black. 5 pairs, some EEUC, some EUC to GUC.
pics pending...

~Analyze That DVD, $1+shipping

~Knockaround Guys DVD, $1+shipping

~Bless the Child DVD, $1+shipping

~The Jackal DVD, $1+shipping

~The GEneral's Daughter DVD, $1+shipping

~Swordfish DVD, $1+shipping

~Dead Zone DVD, $1+shipping

~I make 2oz and .6oz lotion bars in a tin (Ingredients: beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, oil, EOs) $6ppd and $8ppd

~I make 2oz diaper rash cream (Ingredients: beesewax, oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, EOs)

~My Brest Friend 3 in 1 Body Pillow, White
EUC except some staining on head pillow part. It was only used for a short while with my last pregnancy. We cosleep and DD1 always wanted to be right next to me (so wasn't able to squeeze the pillow in). And have a different pillow now for this pregnancy (that and DD2 gets frustrated at me when there's a pillow between us). I'l love to use it more, but with the little one cosleeping still, it would get much more use elsewhere.
Retail $45

~Pediped boots/insulated shoes. Very cute! I love these, but they'll be too small for DD come fall/winter, and youngest is a boy.
size 12-18months. EUC. I have the box too (not pictured).

~Baby Tykes Christening/Baptism shoes. NEW in package (NIP).
size 0, 0-3months. Very cute!! Just a little too girly-ish for DS (and we received them after DD was already way too big).

~LeapFrog Tag Junior set with 3 books. EUC.
Books: If I Were..., A Heart Full of Grace, 123 Dora
keywords: Leap Frog, Jr


~3 flannel L - nice as a non-waterproof pad for light days. doesn't get the sweaty feel as PUL can sometimes have. (two layers flannel, one terry)
"back" (they can be used either way, no difference)


~snap conversions - I can do conversions from aplix/touchtape to snaps for pocket dipes, bibs, anything you want snaps on

~Country Save laundry powder. I'm not sure if they've changed their formula in the past couple years or not, but the latest stuff doesn't seem to be working super well. *sigh*
So....have several boxes I can part with. Just keep in mind shipping cost as they're kinda heavy.
Size 40/80 loads per box.

~WAHM "And All That Scrap" OS pocket diaper (a semi-local brand). New. Pink snake skin print on back with black on front. Black fleece inner. Includes tri-fold microfiber soaker/insert (pictured beneath the diaper).

~6 newborn (NB/XS) Very Baby fitteds available, made by me. GUC or better.
Each soaker is snap-in with two flaps. Some light staining. 5 are side snapping, 1 is front snapping. All have snap down for umbilical. All have front and back elastic to avoid leaks.

~2 Happy Flute newborn (XS/NB) AIO's available. EUC. Fleece inners.
Asking $9ppd each or $16ppd for both.

~24 newborn (NB/XS) Very Baby AIO's, made by me. GUC or better. I modified the pattern to have two quick drying soaker flaps and some PUL on the inner to have less leak issues. Some light staining on insides. Some inners have cotton prints, some inners are made with cotton birdseye.

~Kestlyn Collection wool OS cover. VGUC. Some staining on outside front, inside near legs, inside, right tab. Some pilling from being worn under clothing. Loved it as a night time cover. Just haven't used wool in quite a while.


~several bobbins:
plastic Singer Class 15
metal Class 15 (unsure of brand)

~1/2 yard or so dark blue suedecloth. $4ppd

~1 pound, minus a few ounces, of emulsifying wax - used for making lotions. Purchased from

All patterns are $4ppd unless otherwise noted. Will discount for multiples.

Simplicity 5317, size A (1/2,2,3,4), new
Simplicity Sewing Patterns for Dummies 5335, appears new
Simplicity Crafts 5310, new
Simplicity 3582, size A (XXS,XS,S,M,L), new
Simplicity 2907, size A (1/2,2,3,4), EUC to GUC
McCalls Crafts 2506, appears new

Simplicity 7220, size HH (6,8,10,12), new
SOLD---Simplicity 5350, size DD (4,6,8,10), new
SOLD---Butterick P487, size XS,S,M, new
McCalls M5393, size EE (14-16-18-20), new
McCalls M5393, size AX5 (4-6-8-10-12), new
SOLD---Simplicity 5782, size A (XS-XL / 8-18), new

SOLD--Simplicity 2445, new
McCalls 3097, size S,M,L,XL (13-24lbs), GUC, instructions are missing. FFS
Simplicity 2627, size A (1/2,2,3,4), new
SOLD--Simplicity 2388, size A (XXS-L), new
SOLD--McCalls Crafts 3903, new
Butterick 5164, size 2-3-4, EUC (envelope is ripped some)

Simplicity 9849, size A (XXS,XS,S,M,L), new
Simplicity 3709, new
Simplicity Crafts 8932, elephant pattern is EUC, rest is new
Butterick 5896, size M-L-XL, GUC
Butterick 5896, size PR - NB - S
SOLD--McCalls 8812, sizes S,M,L,ZL (13-24lbs), EUC to GUC

Butterick 5896, size PR - NB - S, appears new
McCalls Fashion Accessories M4322, EUC
Simplicity 5098, size HH (6, 8, 10, 12), new
McCalls 8574, size PR,NB,S,M,L, EUC
McCalls Home Decorating M4327, appears new
SOLD---Simplicity 5502, size HH (6, 8, 10, 12), new

Simplicity 5478, size AA (3/4 - 9/10), new
Simplicity 5478, size BB (11/12 - 15/16), new
SOLD---McCalls M4664, size Z (Lrg-Xlg), EUC
SOLD---McCalls 4261, size Z (Lrg-Xlg), new
Simplicity 5102, size DD (4, 6, 8, 10), new
SOLD---The Green Pepper, Polar Vest F776, EUC to GUC

Simplicity Renaissance 8587, size A (XS,S,M,L,XL), new
Butterick 6750, size XS,X,M,L, appears new
Butterick 5655, size 8-10-12, new
Simplicity 5794, size A (XS,S,M,L,XL), EUC
McCalls Costumes P311, size DD (12-14-16-18), appears new
Butterick 5656, size A/XS-S-M-L-XL, appears new

Butterick P210, size 18,20,22, appears new
Simplicity The Fashion Historian 7215, size HH (6,8,10,12), appears new
Simplicity Costumes 0603, size P5 (12,14,16,18,20), EUC
McCalls Costumes P307, size AA (6-8-10-12), appears new
JoAnn Fabrics "how to" FFS little girl dress (monster one is gone)

Snowman Table Runner, FFS (copied from my aunt or something??)

I'll likey have a few more items available in the next month or so. Baby is due May 1st (likely sooner) and I'm not planning to save much, if any, maternity stuff.

~Daphne Plus Buffalo David Button tan maternity pants, size L / 32. NWT $17ppd

~Oh Baby by Motherhood black maternity pants, size M. Good condtion, some fading. There is a little lint clinging to them, but they really are black, and not nearly as gray as they look in the picture (color is more accurate in the picture with the tag). I also hemmed the pants to fit me. It could be taken out as I left the original hem intact (though it would likely show wear at the current botton of the hem). Inseam is currently 28". $8ppd.


~Tupperware Storzalots containers, black w/clearish lid. approx 12" x 8"
these are large and won't fit into a FRE, but would a MFRB. I'm guessing non flat rate shipping would be cheapest.
Because of the higher shipping cost, $12TV.

I am annoyingly slow at getting pics taken and posted, so....
If there is anything that you would like a picture of, or more information, please don't hesitate to ask me!


~NoseFrida set, NIP
These are awesome! We just don't really need two...(I don't *think* we do anyways...)

ssqueakert 01-11-2013 09:28 AM

Re: ISO: RR,BGE,fabric,print PUL,MORE IHA: RR,pockets,AIOs,dipes,snap convs,tupp,ETC

ssqueakert 01-12-2013 12:11 AM

Re: ISO: RR,BGE,fabric,print PUL,MORE IHA: RR,pockets,AIOs,dipes,snap convs,tupp,ETC
Added inserts, KnickerNappies, and GroVia

ssqueakert 01-12-2013 10:19 PM

Re: ISO: RR,BGE,fabric,print PUL,MORE IHA: RR,pockets,AIOs,dipes,snap convs,tupp,ETC

ssqueakert 01-15-2013 12:05 AM

Re: ISO: RR,BGE,fabric,print PUL,MORE IHA: RR,pockets,AIOs,dipes,snap convs,tupp,ETC

ssqueakert 01-15-2013 11:26 PM

Re: ISO: RR,BGE,fabric,print PUL,MORE IHA: RR,pockets,AIOs,dipes,snap convs,tupp,ETC

Mom2brynlee 01-16-2013 11:30 AM

1 Attachment(s)
I'll trade for a trainer. :)

ssqueakert 01-16-2013 06:51 PM

Re: ISO: RR,BGE,fabric,print PUL,MORE IHA: RR,pockets,AIOs,dipes,snap convs,tupp,ETC
Great - PM'd you! =)

ssqueakert 02-14-2013 10:56 PM

Re: ISO: RR,BGE,fabric,print PUL,MORE IHA: RR,pockets,AIOs,dipes,snap convs,tupp,ETC

ssqueakert 02-16-2013 06:22 PM

Re: ISO: fitteds,BGE,fabric,print PUL,MORE IHA: RR,pockets,AIOs,dipes,snap convs,tupp

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