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chickabiddy 01-11-2013 10:45 AM

How many fitteds/diapers for a heavy wetting toddler?
We do wool and fitteds almost exclusively. I thought I finally had the perfect stash. I needed to change frequently but none of my diapers would soak through with one pee. Because I needed to change so frequently I have a ton (over 30) of fitteds. I did laundry every other day.

Now, at 17 months, dd2 goes hours without peeing. When she does pee she totally floods out some of her previously trustworthy fitteds. I'm thinking about selling the diapers that aren't up to the challenge of toddler pee and investing in a few more that are. I know I don't need anywhere near as many as I have now. I could figure out how many we use per day, but I wonder if the wetting pattern will change much.

For those who have nursed toddlers, did the amount of pee increase, decrease when you stopped nursing? I've never nursed a toddler before.

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