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goofla 01-11-2013 05:13 PM

all sold - please move
Newborn Niji Wrap
This has some staining on the inside, as pictured. Aplix and gussets are in VGUC.

Fine Print:
ISO Paypal mostly, but open to trades for fitteds and wool - medium Sbish and interlock (especially WCW), medium Megaroo and Pianissimo fitteds.

These come from a smoke-free, dog-friendly home. I ship priority or first class with DC to US only. (Sometimes I am able to ship to Canada, so please ask first.) Please PM me if you're interested. Thanks!

SOLD Below this line
__________________________________________________ _________

First up:
Extra-Small Tester Knit Soaker in EUC
SOLD $6ppd
This is Purewool. It was knit by WAHM Melissa Kittle's Knits For Littles. It was bought new and only worn a couple of times.

Her picture is better:

Newborn Cloth For Your Angel Wrap, Royal Blue with Aplix in EEUC
SOLD $7ppd
I don't think my DD ever wore this. It is in perfect condition.

Brand-New Imse Vimse Wool Cure (unopened, unused)
SOLD $12ppd
Retails for $16.75 ( For lanolizing wool.

Small Chickadee & Me Red Footed Longies in VGUC
SOLD $18ppd
These are so soft and cozy. They were one of our favorites after the newborn phase. No stains, felting or other issues.
From her website:
Size: Small (0-9 months, 10-15 lbs)
Waist: 14-23 inches (elastic)
Rise: 16 inches
Inseam: 8 inches

Small Striped Longies in VVGUC
SOLD $18ppd
Rise 14" Inseam 7"
The colors are a bit washed out in the photos. The action pic is closest to real-life. No stains, felting or other issues. They are another mystery pair from FSOT, so no info on base or colorway, sorry. I will include the Monag shirt from the action pic for free.

Small/Medium Striped Longies in EUC
SOLD $28ppd
W:16 H:19 R:16 I:7 to 7&1/2 not including gusset
I bought these from a mama on DS, but they didn't fit my DD, so we are passing them on. They were never worn here. They are blue, green and orange with a lime green trim. They are so nice and soft, not sure what type. They are medium thickness, soft & smooth, doesn't pill easily. These match EVERYTHING! No stains, felting or other issues.

Small Sbish Soaker in Mineral (VGUC)
SOLD $30ppd
There is one small pull on the inside as pictured. Minimal felting in the wet zone. No staining.

Small Tan Llamajama Longies
SOLD $16ppd
These are lightly felted and bulletproof, but still have that wonderful alpaca softness. Super soft and cozy! H: 18, W: 14, R: 13.5-14, I: 7.5

Small Sbish Soaker in Squash
SOLD $28ppd
This has some dye transfer from a diaper on the inside near the legs. Some felting in wet zone.

2 Little Beetle Wool Wraps, Size 1 in EUC
Sold $16ppd each or both for $30ppd
These are so soft and stretchy! I loved the ease of the aplix when my DD was an infant, plus you can get a nice tight fit around those tiny waists and legs. We used these as nap covers over fitteds. Based on our experience, I would say they fit best 8-15 pounds or so. I don't think these are being made any more. If I remember correctly, I bought these as seconds because some of the orange from the outer part migrated to the inners.

Some great pictures and info here:

Newborn Bumpy Wrap

Newborn/Small Raspberry Pink Longies in VGUC
Sold $16ppd
Rise 14" Inseam 5.5"

These are super soft and cozy. The colors IRL are deeper than in the pic and not quite so bright/fluorescent looking. I got these off FSOT and have no idea of the base or colorway, sorry. They could use a good shave and might have a bit of slight felting in the wet zone. They were one of our favorite longies with DD2!

Brand-New Northern Essence Wool Wash (unopened, unused)
Monkey Farts scent, 4.5 oz. bottle
SOLD $5ppd
Scent is mix of "coconuts , bananas, strawberries, grapes, & more." Retails for $6.

goofla 01-12-2013 10:58 AM

Re: Girly & GN Knits - Newborn & Small
Good morning! :mrgreen:

goofla 01-13-2013 10:40 AM

Sunday bump! Freebies for anyone who buys a pair of longies today! You can choose: the Xs soaker or the Monag shirt from the action pic. :)

goofla 01-15-2013 01:54 PM

Re: Girly & GN Knits - Newborn & Small
bumpity :bumpsign:

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Good morning!

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Re: Girly & GN Knits - Newborn & Small

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