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serenas_song 01-12-2013 09:21 PM

how to introduce soy to allergy-prone 14 mo?
Hi all!

My 14mo DD had a milk protein intolerance as an infant, but has thankfully outgrown it. She's eating dairy in all forms without any problem. But because she's had allergy issues in the past, we've been careful about introducing highly allergenic foods...she hasn't had soy, eggs, seafood, or nuts yet on her own yet, but has now had everything successfully through breastmilk. We want to try soy next- any suggestions on what to give her as a trial? soymilk? tofu? thanks!

jbug_4 01-13-2013 06:03 AM

Re: how to introduce soy to allergy-prone 14 mo?
I'd probably start with something baked in like bread. This is usually how allergist recommend doing eggs and milk. I have never heard how they do soy but I would start that way. If that works than move on. They use milk in the allergists office for oral challenges but that is usually after they have had a negative RAST and negative skin test. Earth's Balance butter (the original is soy based) you can add that on some toast. Then probably move on to milk. Tofu would probably be the last thing I tried. My dd has dairy intolerance (starting at 3 weeks old and has gotten better but not outgrown at 5- she can have baked in milk and yogurt, no other forms), a life threatening peanut allergy, coconut and cantaloupe allergies. The only foods we have waited to introduce are tree nuts and shellfish. Tree nits due to cross contamination risk with peanuts and shellfish just because we don't eat shellfish. We were not super cautious with any other food.

My dd will have a coconut challenge in a few weeks. Previous reaction and positive test. A few weeks ago she had a negative RAST to coconut. So they will start with a skin test, then sub derm. If she passes they will swab a small amount just inside her lip. If she passes that she will then drink a small amount. Than 15 mins later some more. Then i don't remember. We are bringing milk and flakes. She will have both at some point during the test which take 3 hours if nothing goes wrong.

serenas_song 01-14-2013 01:07 PM

Earthen Balance is a great idea and I think I still have some! Thanks

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