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MamaWillow 01-13-2013 12:07 AM

DS is going to the urologist for dribble problem. What should I expect?
DS is 4 and has a dribble issue. He has wet underwear a majority of the time. We first though he had a UTI but nope. We have tried having him go every hour, but he still dribbles. It's inconsistent, doesn't happen all day or every day, but there are times when he will dribble every half hour for a few hours. Yesterday he was naked on the bottom and kept saying, "mommy, some pee came out." Then running to the bathroom to pee. Then 30 minutes later I would hear the same thing, or he would have to pee again. It's very strange. Our FNP wants him to see a urologist because she is concerned there may be "a mechanical issue."

Has anyone been through this? DS is generally a very healthy boy, he's rarely been to the doctor for anything more than a well-child visit. What sort of mechanical issue can this be, and how will they test for it? I'm concerned that it's going to be invasive and traumatizing. Just wondering what to expect. TIA!

eliz7 01-13-2013 07:17 AM

I'm sorry you are dealing with this:hugs: One noninvasive test they can do is a bladder scan after he pees to see if he has urinary retention. It is completely painless and they just use a wand like thing on his belly. Not sure what else they would do but I don't think they will put anything "in" your sons penis. Ct or MRI aren't really invasive if he need that.
Good luck!!

MDever 01-13-2013 07:35 AM

Re: DS is going to the urologist for dribble problem. What should I expect?
I have a long history of urinary issues caused by kidney stones(I have medulary sponge kidney) so the most likely tests would be an ultrasound, CT, or IVP which I would imagine a 4yo would need sedation for depending on the child. There is also a scoping procedure called cystoscopy that lets them visualize the structures. Then there are various tests using contrast that watch the collection and flow of urine. DS had a cath with contrast procedure to look for kidney damage at around 12mo. I hope you get an answer soon. My only advice would be to seek a dedicated pediatric urologist. They are usually few and far between but well worth the search.

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