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ewjcschum 01-13-2013 11:16 PM

huge lot of diaper FS
We have been out of diapers for a long time I need these gone from my house. $6 each diaper plus shipping some of these were never used. SOme are priced higher if no other price is listed it's just the $6 plus shipping.

The only ISO I have now are gift cards and coach purses.

#2 newborn AIO others sold

#6-10 newborn/smalls AIOs SOLD
6 orange PUL outer purple microfleece inner

#11-15 AIOs newborns/ smalls
11 brown windpro outer ivory suedecloth inner SOLD
12 marpat windpro outer brown microfleece inner SOLD
13 brown windpro outer yellow powerdry inner
14 blue tie dye minkee outer “this bumm’s got class!!!” embroidered yellow powerdry inner
15 blue tie dye minkee outer brown crushed panne velour inner

#16-18 smalls AIOs
16 teal furry windpro purple microfleece inner
17 orange PUL outer neon green microfleece inner
18 brown PUL outer neon microfleece inner

#19-22 brown windpro outer pockets with Applix closure 3 with microfleece inner and 1 with suedecloth inner

#23-29 pockets applix closure
23-24 marpat windpro outer green suedecloth inner
25 not pictured blue PUL outer yellow powerdry inner
26-27 blue PUL outer yellow powerdry inner
28-29 olive PUL outer 1 with white suedecloth one with purple microfleece inner

#30-35 pockets applix closure
30 olive PUL white microfleece inner
31 brown PUL purple microfleece inner
32 red pul yellow powerdry inner
33 purple minkee PUL purple microfleece inner
34 white design PUL outer white microfleece inner
35 olive PUL outer suedecloth with penguins inner

#36-40 small pockets
36 blue check PUL outer baby blue inner
37 orange PUL outer white microfleece inner
38 neon green PUL outer AIO white microfleece inner stuffable
39 teal PUL outer penguin suedecloth inner SOLD
40 red PUL outer yellow powerdry inner

#41-45 smalls
41 brown windpro outer green suedecloth inner
42 brown windpro outer pale green microfleece inner
43-45 green windblock outer yellow powerdry inner, 2 with purple microfleece inner

46 purple tie dye minkee purple microfleece inner
47 teal tie dye minkee blue suedecloth inner
48 teal furry windpro yellow powerdry inner
49 teal furry windpro penguin suedecloth inner SOLD

50-51 medium stuffable AIOs SOLD
52-55 thirsties well loved fitteds

56 large AIO elastic is shot $5
57-58 cheap covers $5 for both
59 BG pink AIO good condition $8

60 green BG AIO great condition $10
61 pink small AIO new $10
62 small pocket new never used pink PUL Outer suedecloth inner $10
63 newborn pink pocket $6

#64-68 POCKETS
64 small frog FB $8
65 small green FB $8
66 white large preston pants noahs ark $20
67 large yellow minkee preston pants beach scen $25
68 red preston pants frog $20


#81-85 small PUL Closure sandwhich bags never used $4 EACH

#86-88 PUL bags for diapers can fit 3-4 large AIOS zipper closure with snap strap brand new unused $15 each

#89 large PUL girls rock wetbag fits 4-5 large AIOs zipper closure with strap $18
90 XL fitted $6

These are ultra soft made by me the sweaters were prewashed and dryed to minimize shrinking these are not felted totally soft all the seams are sewn twice to make them ultra strong.

These are $15ppd each will discount for multiple purchases I accept paypal.

pink ralph lauren sweater with burgundy waist
waist 17 rise 17, inseam 12

purple merino wool with multi stripes waist band
waist 15, rise 17, inseam 9

#3 white merino mixed with angora with purple waist band
waist 16, rise 16, inseam 11

#4 grey and purple stripes merino with lavander waist band
waist 15, rise 16, inseam 11

burgundy knitlike merino wool thick plush multicolor waistband
waist 18, rise 17, inseam 11

burgundy plush merino multicolor waistband
waist 14, rise 15, inseam 9

light green merino thin daywear with striped green waistband
waist 17, rise 18, inseam 9

MORE IHA stuff: carriers:

have these up for grabs

solarveil pouches I have 4 left see below the measurements brand new left over from my HC last year they are tripple reinforced on all the seams they were tried on used maybe once if that.

$28ppd each measure yourself from shoulder to opposite hip if you measure say 25 your top rail should be 2-3 inches less and your bottom rail should be 1-3 more the smaller the top rail in comparison to your hip the higher baby rides if you like to wear them below your hip then aim to be 2-3 inches bigger on the bottom rail kwim? pm me with questions

1. green 26 top rail, 29 bottom rail I think that makes it a xlarge
2. yellow 25 top rail 28 bottom rail about a large
3. yellow 21 top rail 24 bottom rail small
4. green 21 top rail 24 bottom rail small

all these outfits are in like new condition barely used no snags rips or any stains. Elastic waist and cuffs that are easily removable.

1.solarveil infant outfit fits 0-3 months $25ppd

2. yellow solarveil shirt not pictured but same color as below doesn't have hood and fits like a long midthigh shirt maybe knee length will fit from 18 months to 3T $20

3. khaki infant outfit has matching pants infant 0-6months $25ppd has the cute caterpillar on it

4. white solarveil shirt long size 6 tried dying it pink but its more white than anything has pink thread on cuffs and neckline $20ppd

5. lavander light fabric ringsling very pretty fabric like new$20ppd

kiddie carriers
#1 pooh ringslings 35 inches great toddler size 2-4 yrs old $12 ds is almost 5 wearing it below and its a tad small.

#2 girls rock with a pocket 40 inches $12
#3 pink hawaiian one measure almost 50 inches large enough for 4-8 yr old.
$15 has foldover 3 pockets on tail.

ewjcschum 01-15-2013 10:08 AM

Re: huge lot of diaper FS

ewjcschum 01-18-2013 08:06 PM

Re: huge lot of diaper FS

ewjcschum 01-21-2013 08:40 AM

Re: huge lot of diaper FS
added some wool and some carriers to my post

ewjcschum 01-22-2013 05:35 PM

Re: huge lot of diaper FS

ewjcschum 01-25-2013 05:48 PM

Re: huge lot of diaper FS

ewjcschum 02-02-2013 07:06 AM

Re: huge lot of diaper FS

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Re: huge lot of diaper FS

ewjcschum 02-15-2013 02:21 PM

Re: huge lot of diaper FS

Goldcountry-cloth 02-17-2013 09:59 AM

Interested in the green bumgenius aio. Is it the elemental one size?

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