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my2sweets 01-14-2013 04:19 AM

Up all night...
Just a vent

My 1month old has decided he no longer wants to sleep at night :banghead: Its was bad enough when it took him an hour to hour and half to finish a bottle in the middle of the night but now to have him wide awake afterwards is really starting to piss me off. The worst part is when he finally does go back to sleep I lay awake in bed for so long trying to go back to sleep(if I do at all) that I *might* get an hour of sleep before he wakes for the next bottle. Not to mention my back is so sore from sitting in the rocker all freaken night that it hurts to walk. I now fully understand my ppl want to cio with their newborns :banghead:

sandrc 01-14-2013 04:41 AM

Re: Up all night...
don't have any advice for you. i'm up for the third time with my 18 month old and it looks like she's up for good.

hilaryisinked 01-14-2013 04:54 AM

I understand. I'm up for the 4th time with my 1 year old and I've always had that problem falling back asleep. I got a Nook Glow so I could read in bed and it has made all the difference. 3 pages of Pride and Prejudice and I'm asleep. I used to lay there for hours. It's so frustrating when you don't get sleep and then you can't sleep. I totally get it.

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LynnSteward 01-14-2013 08:37 AM

Re: Up all night...
Hopefully it's just a phase you'll have to pull through. Good luck<3

l_Kimmie_l 01-14-2013 08:57 AM

Re: Up all night...
I am sure you are exhausted. My 4 year old stopped sleeping at 4 months old and it was very hard to live during that time. He only slept 2 hours out of a given 24 hour period and he had to be held in my arms to do it. I lived in my rocking recliner during that time.

Hopefully it is just an adjustment phase and baby will start sleeping better at night soon.

abunchoflemons 01-14-2013 09:03 AM

Re: Up all night...
If u have bible & geneology bores you read numbers in bible.

badmisterkitty 01-14-2013 02:42 PM

Re: Up all night...
Pride & Prejudice or Numbers in the bible, huh? Great ideas!!!

When our 4month old wakes up in the middle of the night, he is the sloooooowest eeater. Not 90 minutes, but at least 30 for just a couple of ounces and it IS hard to go back to sleeep after being up that long. I've taken to sleeping while I feed him. He lets me know when my arm droops and the bottle falls out of his mouth! :)

mibarra 01-14-2013 03:28 PM

Re: Up all night...
Those first 6-8 weeks are so rough! If you're bottle feeding, is it possible for you and DH to trade off feedings?

AnimalHouse 01-14-2013 03:39 PM

:hugs: All four of my babies have been terrible sleepers in the beginning (and beyond, LOL). Right now, my 17m old and 2m old take turns waking up every hour. It sucks, and my mantra has been "this too shall pass" for the last 5.5 years!

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